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The Russian government suggests to simplify transactions with real estate

Добавлена: 26.08.2014   Количество просмотров: 4492

The Russian government suggests to simplify transactions with real estate

Recently in Russia there is an active improvement of system of public administration. One of priority tasks of the Russian government today is improvement of quality of the state services and their availability.

According to an official portal of the cabinet, the government of the Russian Federation plans to consider the bill which will allow to accelerate carrying out transactions with real estate. The commission on lawmaking activity already approved this document.

These measures promoting simpler carrying out procedure, was decided to accept within the so-called "road map" meaning improvement of quality of services rendered by the state in the sphere of the cadastral account, state registration of the rights and transactions with real estate.

As appears from accompanying materials, according to the current legislation, at transactions with real estate before addressing to notaries, insurers or in the credit organization, citizens request data demanded by it in the Unified State Register of Rights on real estate and transactions with it, and also from the real estate inventory.

The new bill forbids the above-mentioned organizations (notarial, insurance and credit) to demand from citizens of providing this information. To send requests for obtaining data on real estate in electronic form, including infrastructure of the electronic government, the above-mentioned organizations will be able. Respectively, adoption of this law will demand amending others. The authorities consider that in case of adoption of this law process of consideration of addresses and decision-making on them will be accelerated, and document flow between departments becomes simpler.

Earlier at the request of the president of the country V. V. Putin the Ministry of economic development developed the bill "About the State Registration of Real Estate" which acceptance will make more effective the state system of registration, and also will raise level of guarantees of the rights in the course of registration of real estate objects. It will reduce risks of investment, will accelerate an economic turn.

Besides, according to this project it is planned to create uniform system in the sphere of registration of the rights for real estate, and also to enter uniform registration and registration procedure of objects and the uniform state registry in an electronic form.