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Drafts of the laws exempting from liability for unauthorized re-planning are developed

Добавлена: 24.06.2016   Количество просмотров: 3329

Drafts of the laws exempting from liability for unauthorized re-planning are developed

Legislators have developed drafts of laws which actually suggest to exempt from liability self-willed reschedulers in cases if re-planning does not represent what threat.

Changes exempt from liability for the unauthorized reorganization executed till March 1, 2005. before the Housing code has come into force.

If re-planning is executed later and does not exert a negative impact on a building design, owners of such housing will not be punished.
The amendments allowing to simplify coordination of alterations of housing, to approve standard projects for which coordination, and the activity list which will not need to be approved is provided are also made to the Code of Administrative Offences. The explanatory note to the bill contains information that the purpose of any alterations is increase of level of comfort of housing. It should be noted that a collecting documents, necessary for re-planning, and also their coordination are difficult procedures. The offered bill will allow to eliminate a number of barriers.

According to the head of agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru of Alexey Maralin if in case of re-planning the bearing designs are not broken, i.e. it does not bear threat, it can be legitimized without coordination.

Today the this procedure in the Rostov region takes a lot of time and forces. Generally owners of apartments should solve this problem in new buildings as builders lease housing without partitions.

As the majority of houses frame and monolithic and bearing walls in apartments are absent, the owner of housing establishes walls as it is convenient to it, at the same time the project of the builder is violated. In addition, owners unite rooms with balconies and loggias that allows to increase living space. Such reorganization also is problem for legitimation as cold rooms join. We will hope that the new bill will be approved and will allow to exclude certain problems in case of re-planning of housing.