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Successfully to sell the apartment in the secondary market in the current year, according to the head of agency of elite real estate Alexey Maralin, every fifth seller will be able. So, in March the volume of offers significantly grew, in this regard the average cost of square meter of secondary real estate decreased a little. The situation was affected also by difficulties with receiving mortgage loans, and also unwillingness of owners to reduce the prices.

After all the price is one of the factors allowing to sell quickly secondary housing. In a present situation that owners who couldn't find the buyer in the first quarter, sell housing, it is necessary to make good discount.

"Quickly to sell real estate in the conditions of the stable market quite perhaps if to reduce its price by 5 percent from the average cost of the offer. To realize housing within a month, it will be required to reduce its price by 10 percent, and the discount in 15 percent will allow to conclude the bargain in few days. In other cases property sale will be quite problematic for the seller in the near future", - Alexey Maralin considers.

Participants of the market of secondary real estate are ordinary citizens, respectively, at sale of housing plays a psychological factor large role. After all the average seller who is the owner of the apartment in the dormitory area can't essentially sell it cheaper, than his acquaintance sold the apartment half a year ago.

In spite of the fact that today there are a lot of people having knowledge in the sphere of the right for the majority more significant argument the cost of the apartment of the acquaintance, than statistical data of analysts is.

Having learned that demand decreased, and growth potential in the present market of real estate is absent, such sellers make the decision "to wait till fall".

But in this case they will hardly be able to sell the object, after all isn't excluded that in the fall of active interest in real estate at buyers won't arise as was last year. In turn, buyers also wait when there comes the moment to get the apartment cheaper.

This year the housing is favorable to sell chance is only at 15-20 percent of sellers of secondary real estate, thus they have to be ready to concede from 10 percent of cost above. It should be noted that about 60 percent of sellers categorically refuse the bargaining.