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Недвижимость в Ростове-на-Дону

Добавлена: 08.02.2017   Количество просмотров: 3724

I congratulate you on a professional holiday - Day of the Realtor!

In 1996 the Moscow association of realtors, and on February 8 – the National congress of RGR decided to celebrate this holiday third Saturday of December. It is possible to consider that our professional community was lucky: we can celebrate our holiday two times a year.

The profession the realtor is not only socially important today, but also many-sided. Your professionalism allows to solve successfully such important problem as providing people with housing, and, so comfort which is necessary as in life and at work, and on vacation. You allow to fulfill a dream of many – to live in own house. The realtor gives help in execution of the transaction, advises, provides legal purity, informs … And without such support not to achieve success even when carrying out the simplest transaction.

I don't doubt that those who stopped the choice on the realtor's profession seek not only for financial achievements, but also qualitatively perform the work. You have also patience, ability to listen, and, perhaps, one of the main human qualities - honesty. It allows to reach heights in our difficult work.

I want to wish all career development, good bargains, successful achievement of the objectives. Try to make important decisions elaborately, and, undoubtedly, at you it will turn out to come to that level which will allow to be proud of a profession the Realtor!