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Pluses and minuses of the exclusive contract....

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Pluses and minuses of the exclusive contract....

Property sale can seem simple only at first sight. If you have decided to sell the apartment, it is necessary to consider a set of nuances. It is difficult to understand independently all questions of the transaction therefore it is better to carry out the transaction through real estate agency which specialists have already proved in the market.

There is an opinion that if to address directly to several agencies, then the apartment can be sold quicker. Such opinion is wrong.

According to the statistics, the seller who has addressed to one agency and signed the exclusive contract with it receives better services, and the housing is on sale at the maximum cost. In case of the simultaneous appeal to several companies there can be problems in case of accomplishment of arrangements as agencies begin to compete among themselves, trying to underestimate housing cost for attraction of bigger number of buyers. At the same time nobody asks consent of the owner of the apartment on decrease in its cost.

Advertizing of object in several agencies is often inefficient: announcements are same, contain identical photos and can differ only in contact information.

Photos and the description are just copied also many agents even without seeing object alive, offer it to the clients. The potential buyer is always traded and as the object is already underestimated in advertizing by several companies by several hundreds of thousands, and even millions of rubles, the seller is forced in such situation significantly to yield in the price even more.
In case of the appeal to one real estate agency all changes, including advertizing and price policy, are approved with the owner of object. Signing the exclusive contract with professionals, it is possible not to doubt that the apartment will be sold at the maximum cost and quickly enough. Such agreement guarantees that the company will effectively work, advocating all interests of the client.
The agency possesses a set of the tools allowing to guarantee execution of contractual conditions including, to openly advertizes object.

Professional approach to advertizing of real estate provides fast distribution of information on sale, and, in various advertizing sources.

Cooperating under the exclusive agreement, the seller turns out complete information security, data leakage about the transaction is excluded. Legal and economic interests of the seller will be completely observed therefore any complications are excluded on start of the transaction thanks to experienced lawyers.

It is known that payment of service is performed by the seller, respectively, the realtor who is his representative earns a commission fee. In case of the conclusion of the exclusive agreement the representative of the seller does not apply for remuneration of the colleague who is the representative of the buyer. It should be noted that today use of such system of a separate commission fee in Rostov-on-Don yields positive result as object exposition terms are reduced. During the transaction the realtor does not violate the right of any of the parties therefore if you have decided to sell the apartment, it is possible to sign the exclusive agreement safely.