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A reminder to the owner of the property.

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A reminder to the owner of the property.

The company Maralin ru provides not only for transfer and implementation of legal registration but also at a high level carries out the work of finding a buyer, which includes:

Preparation of media material:

A. Preparation of digital photos (including selection, retouch, alignment perspectives, and color-correction)
B. individually arranged training video, which is voiced by a professional speaker, mounts the operator with expensive equipment with high performance and the ability to handle large video files and sound editors.
Survey material is on complex high-precision digital equipment, which includes lenses, professional tripods, stabilizers and auxiliary accessories and necessary equipment. All equipment is owned, maintained in perfect technical condition, which directly affects the quality of advertising in the media, highlights the face of the company and the uniqueness of the proposed sites, including one of Your (well-presented property sold faster and at a higher cost).
V. Placement of information about selling in the catalog This resource is the result of intellectual labor, established the reputation of the CEO and the employee assigned to this object, among colleagues and customers, and other market participants. The site is constantly usovershenstvuetsya and supported by a team of programmers in order to allow visitors to enjoy the resource and to have free access to information, including potential buyers.
Statistics of transactions shows that about 60-70% of our clients were able to sell or buy property through the site, the selection system and then the personal agent with the application.
The Company welcomes unfettered access to information about the facilities offered in the property market, including professional participants and representatives, which coincides with the modern concepts of the rights and freedoms of the individual in the world of the Internet and major search engines. However, the company Maralin ru, since the founding acts in the interests of its security, including the protection of copyrights (pictures, text, and associated content), investment protection, right to profits, right to respect performed by the Director and staff of labour and services, even in the case of a deferred result.
D. the Company Maralin ru openly declares its readiness for business cooperation and opportunities for joint transactions with our partners (legal persons providing services on the real estate market, including real Estate Agencies, individual entrepreneurs, certified brokers and agents), for the most part deals not claim the remuneration referred client, leaving a direct opportunity to take a prompt decision in favor of the sold object.

Unusual situations and their possible development.

1. What if a potential client has contacted the agent, found the address and other characteristics of the object, and then decided to find out personal information about the owner, including telephone number, address, etc., bypassing the officer of a real estate Agency?
Response: the sale of any property involves working with different segments of the population, even in cases of obvious narrow segment (e.g., housing class "business" and "elite"). Attempts to bypass one of the parties of a possible transaction are uncharacteristic of civilized business relations indicate the high degree of emerging risk in cooperation with the buyer even in the phone call stage. Retrying, even after inspection of the property, are a violation of the terms of the contract and talking about a high probability of financial and moral insolvency of the interested parties. The company Maralin ru recommends that all possible unauthorized calls direct to a specialist who works with You, if possible, with the preliminary short message with phone number and purpose of call. The company is not interested in withholding General information, distortion cost, and otherwise, contrary to the business activity types of communication with colleagues and clients.

1.1. Similar situation with the attempts of competitors (agents, brokers, etc.) to get in touch with You and offer their services under the guise of an alleged customer who is ready to see Your object, bypassing the Agency in order to benefit.
Response: the Company Maralin ru collaborates with colleagues and does not claim their fee, in case of involvement of the client as a result of the implementation of the transfer with the full calculation with the seller. Conclusion: Attempts to build relationships on this Foundation through deceit and fraud information today are extremely vague in the first place for the owner of the sold property.

2. A potential customer proposed terms of transaction, which, at the moment the proposals are at odds with Your vision of the market price, forms of payment and (or) other conditions. What to do in this situation and what to do to keep the buyer and make a transaction at the highest possible price for You?

Response (please read carefully):

The economy of any state is a complex system of economic and social institutions, which in turn give rise to the concept of private property, including real estate (apartments, private houses, land plots, ponds, shops, offices, industrial premises, as well as specialized real estate). The markets of different countries may differ depending on laws, development conditions, and macroeconomic factors, as developed and developing countries live in a global world economy. The statistics of the real estate market is influenced by the following factors, here are some of them:
A. the solvency of the population, growth or decline R/p,
B. the number of newly built residential and business facilities (development projects, private buildings, etc.)
V. obsolescence or the ageing of the old Fund, including the technically outdated apartment buildings of the Soviet era, the premises of the second half of the XX century, built as an industrial warehouse or temporary;
G. increase in the tax burden on the ownership of the property (depending on the form of the owning entity);
D. the Increase of operational load (the payment of utilities, growth rates, etc.), including routine maintenance and overhaul, which creates or prospects, or the financial future expenses.
E. Social changes in the institution of the family. These include the earlier period of growing up generation, the desire to leave the family with the goal of independent living, it is possible to create families of their own. Hence, for example the need for large areas (for example households with an area more than 200 meters) declined sharply over the last 5 years and continues to decline, as virtually all family members (not counting spouses) tend to independent living and make a choice in favor of practicality). Also a large area due to the climatic features of our country demands higher costs during the heating season.
J. higher requirements for public and business premises which have to provide occupational health, decent wages, and contribute to the development of the economy, if we are talking about the business of real estate in a broad sense.

This partial list of factors we can conclude that the estate has the ability not only to rise but to fall, talking about the classical laws of competition. Given the realities of the current situation on the market, we recommend you to share the concept of "investment" and "expenditure" as the purchase of expensive property for personal use and inevitable wear and tear, can not guarantee subsequent sale in the secondary market for previously purchased price.
In consumer markets (household appliances, furniture, decoration, furnishings, etc.) the concept of a "new" object on the shelf in the store and the same "new" object, but on a shelf or on the wall at home or in the office, are fundamentally different and cannot be equal to each other, while some properties can be the same, not vaimoisa each other. Real estate and related possible perspectives do not reflect the real situation in the market, suggesting a possible attribution of the purchase to the category "investment" in a person's life, however, does not provide safeguards subsequent appreciation or high liquidity.

In Russia since 90-ies the population actively acquires property for the purpose of capital accumulation. Basically, these purchases are made with the purpose of putting the object in the lease or "let it stand until better times". However, it should be noted that modern real estate market is as complex financial, consists mostly of promises and expectations, including planned population income, as well as guaranteed social benefits.

An important aspect of the personal accumulation of financial capital for life is a timely relevant advice, informed decisions regarding purchases and, obviously, taking into account the possible need to sell without loss of value and possibly a reasonable profit from the sale of the object within a reasonable time. The costs of recruitment and advice on transfer, liquidity facility, and possible future attachments can justify (to keep) potential losses that occur when purchases rash, is more related to ambition or emotional decisions.

Give examples:

1. Buying land at a low cost in a remote or undeveloped area will lead to short-term savings, but long term option is unlikely to play a positive role in the rise in price. Such purchases include the purchase of s/T or SNT of the land and the construction on it of luxury homes (the area more than 200 metres) surrounded by garden houses or unkempt plots. Analyzing this situation, we see the following negative factors: the narrow streets (complicated entry to specialized equipment, including the services), unstable engineering infrastructure (load on the grid, drinking Magistral, etc.); big time (over 30 minutes) to the Central or business part of the city, increased travel time to educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, sports complexes), the lack of cultural institutions (cinema, theatre, etc.). In the end, the construction of the "elite" house or household "business class" will complicate further sales, which will directly mean a simple and losses for the owner.
2. The construction business of real estate without studying the demand and the lack of infrastructure for motorists (Parking, u-turns, entrances, security, Parking).
3. The cost of expensive finishing materials in the apartments, referring to the old Soviet and pre-war Fund. For example in the apartment, the price of which varies from 2.000.000 to 3.000.000 roubles spending more than 500,000 rubles will be non-refundable. The future buyer analyzing the purchase will decide the same and buy construction option, under making necessary repairs.

Good deals, friends!
Ivan Butenko Expert commercial real estate market