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Finishing the apartment from the developer: pros and cons

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Finishing the apartment from the developer: pros and cons

In many new buildings, developers offer to buy a turnkey apartment. Let's try to figure out the pros and cons. Is everything really safe, or are there still pitfalls?

Let's start with the undeniable benefits:

  • no need to look for a repair team on your own, worry about the quality of finishing work;
  • the opportunity to move into an apartment immediately after the delivery of a new building;
  • significant savings (repairs from the developer will cost buyers of real estate cheaper, because the construction company buys materials in bulk, there is a staff of qualified, proven craftsmen);
  • this is the best option for people who purchase housing with the help of mortgage loans. It is difficult for them to make repairs without an additional loan.

The decision to buy an apartment renovated by the developer has its drawbacks, which must be taken into account:

  • a construction company may approach the choice of a repair team without due care, which will subsequently affect the quality and presentability of the finish;
  • it is difficult to make adjustments to the agreed project;
  • we must be prepared for the fact that inexpensive materials and equipment are used when repairing an apartment in a new building — the company is interested in saving resources;
  • during turnkey repairs, the final result may differ from what the buyers imagined.

Real estate experts recommend examining the apartment together with experts — they will pay attention to those shortcomings that a person who is far from the subtleties of repair work may not notice.

Finishing the apartment from the developer: pros and cons

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