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Whether Technical data sheet for property right transition is necessary?

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   Количество просмотров: 8077

Whether Technical data sheet for property right transition is necessary?

Without piece of paper – you are a small insect, and with a piece of paper – the person. Who from us didn't face this definition thanks to features of national legendary bureaucracy. There can be only that situation when with these pieces of paper everything isn't defined in a strict order worse, and is in the suspended and indistinct state. Paper confusions always sufficed, especially much they met and meets in the field of copyright, but here, this situation reached and the real estate sphere.

We will begin conversation with an anonymous note, without names and persons.

One of clients of real estate agency asked for the help in registration of the property rights to the apartment in the handed-over new building.

It would seem that business usual and nothing remarkable, but far from it. The paper trap worked on anticipation, and nobody could expect such amusing confusion. The builder of the house transferred in UFRS a necessary package of documents at house input in operation. To the client, for registration of the property right for the apartment, it was necessary to put and the cadastral passport. This document is one of requirements of registration chamber, but the documentary trap thus turns out. To order and receive the cadastral passport, it is necessary to have the technical plan which, by the way, entered not so long ago. But the chain on it doesn't come to an end – the technical plan also is ordered through technical data sheet. Such information kindly provided in one of BTI.

It turns out that neither the technical plan, nor technical data sheet are absolutely not necessary in registration chamber.

Thus, it turns out that we have almost unnecessary links in a chain of documents.

Here the tale of a chest in which there was a hare, in a hare – a duck, in a duck egg, and in it a needle in which there was a death of Koschei the Immortal is involuntarily remembered. It turns out that to clients of realtors who will try to resolve such issues, it is necessary fairly пооббивать thresholds to collect absolutely useless papers. Taking into account that these documents aren't so free, the question of their further existence and their expediency arises by itself. Money is earned, and here time which needs to be spent for a collecting documents, turns and breaks are a size irreplaceable, and to compensate it, in equal degree so as far as also nerves, nobody gathers.

One more curious moment in this red tape consists in that,

that the general technical data sheet and the technical plan already are available in registration chamber.

They are put by builders after object input in operation. But if there are such documents in a general view then why each of clients of real estate agencies to collect what already exists?

Options of an outcome of this situation it is possible to think up much, but the most probable arises from them – BTI can soon will are liquidated owing to its unclaimed services? It is possible to regard collecting unnecessary documents as the proof of need of the address to this instance. Some kind of – maintenance afloat. It is quite possible that BTI can be either is reformed, or abolished at all in the near foreseeable future.

It is known that cadastral cost plays not the last role in operations with real estate therefore in the future only the cadastral account will be necessary.

But at present this account really is fundamental because only with its help it is possible to define from what of types of cost the tax according to the current legislation which after all will accept soon will be raised. And re-planning began to interest today least of all all.

Try to define the importance of the technical plan and technical data sheet if in them practically anything isn't present except drawings and the sizes. Anyway this situation demands a certain permission in the field of the legislation. But when it will occur and whether will occur in general – at present it is authentically not known.

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