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Real estate of Rostov-on-Don: results of the expiring year

Добавлена: 31.12.2015   Количество просмотров: 3343

Real estate of Rostov-on-Don: results of the expiring year

In December, by tradition, it is accepted to sum up the results of year in various fields of activity, including, and in the market of real estate. The expiring year can be characterized as rich in events, significant for this sphere.

So, terms of free privatization are prolonged, changes are made to the tax law, and also cancellation of share construction is planned.

The economic crisis, certainly, had essential impact on demand which that increased, fell. But the number of transactions of purchase and sale in all segments of inhabited sector didn't decrease, after all banks continued and continue to credit actively the population, and, reducing an interest rate. After all residential real estate was considered as reliable object at all times for investments therefore many buyers in aspiration to keep the savings decided to invest money in purchase of the house or apartment.

As well as during the whole year, now the market is oversaturated by offers, but objects which in buyers really want to see, it isn't enough. The majority prefer to acquire housing with modern finishing by quality materials in new buildings. The secondary real estate is also in demand, but is less successful because of the program of support of mortgage loans, after all the interest rate on real estate in a new building and "vtorichka" differs on average for 2,5-3 percent in favor of new housing. Besides, some banks conclude agreements with the purpose of decrease in mortgage rates that influences a final decision of buyers to get the apartment in a new building with developers. Today the housing in the new house can be sold out still before the object is put into operation.

The price, of course, was always the defining factor at investments into real estate. Had no impact on increase of cost of square meter falling of ruble exchange rate and growth of dollar, the problems which arose with liquidity in connection with introduction of the western sanctions. The prices in a dollar equivalent fell, but, despite it, in the market of real estate of essential changes in this plan isn't observed.

The agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru offers a set of objects at favorable cost. In the current year the company came to the new, higher level of high-quality rendering services.

So, participating in the All-Russian housing Forum, the agency became the winner in the National competition CREDO in the nomination "The Best Internet Site of Real Estate Agency", and the head of the company Alexey Maralin is elected the chairman of the board of Southern Chamber of Real Estate Non-profit Partnership. Besides, the agency is now the official partner of "Sberbank" that allows to give the qualified help to buyers in receiving the credit and selection of options.

Next year the company plans to be active on settlement of the market of real estate in the region. Also the agency Maralin Ru completely supports transition of the market to separate system of a commission when service is paid by the one who orders it. Stability – the key to success in any activity. The agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru congratulates colleagues, clients and members of "The southern Chamber of real estate" with coming 2016, wishes successful realization of creative ideas and all conceived. Let your houses will be cozy that you always wanted to come back to them and that there always waited for you. We hope that everything of what you dreamed, will come true, and for you we will surely pick up the comfortable house!

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