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The Ministry of construction plans to create a single system that controls shared construction

Добавлена: 19.08.2018   Количество просмотров: 2715

The Ministry of construction plans to create a single system that controls shared construction

The Ministry of construction has made a request for proposals from regulatory organizations on the development of a single system that allows control of the sphere of shared construction.  Thus, it is necessary to calculate the standards that will allow developers to control. The creation of such a system is necessary, because the law on shared construction has changed significantly. It provides for project support by banks and the use of escrow accounts. 

It is planned that the system will operate in all regions and will eliminate the deception of shareholders.

Development of new requirements will be carried out, taking into account the specifics of the activities and experience of regulatory organizations. Monitoring of the construction process is now carried out in 2 ways: analysis of reports submitted each quarter and the use of "three symbolic standards"in the verification of developers. The latter do not allow to determine in what condition is the financial and economic activity of the developer. That is why the plans to revise and develop a single method of calculation. 

 "Three symbolic standards" are called: the provision of commitments, break-even activities and targeted use of funds. If these standards are violated, the money of shareholders to attract prohibited. If the developer meets these standards, it does not mean that he is financially stable. The misuse of funds is also a problem. And in this case, a single control system will suit all regions, as well as the creation of a calculation method. 

 Every developer must open a current account and use the Bank's project support service from September 1, 2018. Since July 1, 2019 it is allowed to attract money of shareholders, but it is necessary to use only exrow account.

The money in such accounts is frozen until the housing is put into operation. 

 The Ministry of construction has not yet determined in what time frame a single system will be developed. According to the representative of one of the banks, who did not want to announce its name, the new mode of financing projects will start in 2020. Perhaps the new system of state supervision will begin to function during this period. In addition, the issue of control by banks has not yet been resolved.  Opening of accounts before September 1, 2018 is necessary for conducting activities on construction permits issued before July 1. Banking institutions do not quite understand what they need to control. So, at the moment there is no coordination of the draft resolution of the Government approving the list of the documents necessary to the banks exercising control of operations which is carried out by the Builder. 

 Alexander Plutnik, General Director of Dom.The Russian Federation " (AHML) believes that the regulatory authorities should be given the right to carefully analyze the monetary operations of developers. Dmitry Kurowski, member of the Presidium of the Board of "OPORA Russia", made a proposal on the need fed more often report that many are already familiar. He also supports the law on penalties for violations in the field of shared development, extending to officials.

 The Committee on natural resources, property and land relations of the state Duma noted that the Parliament together with the Ministry of construction planned to finalize the creation of a single model of control.

Vladimir Yakushev appealed to the heads of the subjects to reduce the unfinished. It happens that the governors turn to successful companies with a request to commit themselves to the completion of other people's problem objects. Refuse the developer can not, for the reason that he will have to go to the same offices to get permission to build their projects. This is not the best way to affect the economy of prosperous companies, as a result, not one, but two long-term construction in the region. According to Yakushev, such "pyramids" should be eliminated.

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