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Myths and reality of commercial real estate in Rostov-on-don

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Myths and reality of commercial real estate in Rostov-on-don

Myth 1. Real estate will always rise in price, even if it is just worth it

Dethronement: Real estate will be cheaper if you do not engage in its development according to trends in the economy and demand. And it will be cheaper as long as it does not turn into trash, the price of which will include the cost of bulldozer services for scrapping and KAMAZ for garbage removal, not counting the time spent on documents and approvals.

Conclusion: Use all the opportunities here and now, attract resources, invest time and money for a stable and adequately growing income.

Myth # 2. You can rent to tenants and let them make repairs

Dethronement: It is possible, but it was earlier when in the conditions of rapid uncontrolled growth of demand tenants rented everything, without understanding whether it suits them or not, counting on maybe and "nepotism" in matters of electricity, gas, water, permits.

The trend of rental real estate for many years to come - the provision of the finished product (which, you will be prompted by personal advice and a competent acting broker or agent, it is a fact) with the maximum possibility of rapid transformation in a short time for the needs of the tenant, not counting, of course, equipment and other costs associated with a narrow profile

Conclusion: Find a competent specialist who will give feedback and bring real customers with specific proposals, and not sing along the chorus of the song about the history of a neighbor who passed more expensive. We recommend you to believe only the signed agreement with the date and terms.

Myth # 3. Everything I spent on 15-level drywall and author's forging in all corners of the building, and even where it is not necessary, I will definitely take from the future buyer.

Debunking: a Classic misconception that went back to the time when the us began a boom in private homes and luxury on credit - a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between the cost of luxury and investment in liquidity.

For example, a facade window in half of the possible height with bronze forging and angels that do not fit into any architectural ensemble, and even tinted with mirror color film-it is the cost of luxury or a favorite "did for yourself"

And here is the same facade window, which is made in the form of a showcase to the floor of high-quality tempered glass and aluminum profile with the ability, if necessary, to quickly install the door, without dismantling the frame, as well as having protection in the form of an automatic rolling shutter or booking - an investment, as any commercial property seeks to be trade and exhibition, even if it is a production or office.

Myth # 4. "From the owner is cheaper"

Debunking: Here we are forced to reveal To you the most secret secret of the XXI century. More than 80 % of owners in the commercial real estate and land segments put their real estate in open resources after:

Could not "sell" at an inflated price through an incompetent realtor, who did not advise on time, or what happens most often, took the highest price for the sake of exclusive rights to sell for the sake of using the object for additional advertising.

Again, the question of price, to be exact - each product or material value has a value, and there is a price. In practice, the owner often attributes to his property properties that do not exist or that can only appear. But, after investing money that he is not going to invest, he believes that a buyer will come who will be speechless with delight. Blinded by the impeccable beauty of the" office with a yellow matting "or a former residential building of red Italian brick of the late 90's, translated into the old days under the" solid office", will take it without looking, without bargaining, without daring to offer bargaining.

C. the Object can be exposed from the owner also for the reasons of problems with documents. Competent realtors and companies refuse to sell such objects, or as an exception, be sure to warn about all the details and risks of each potential client.

G. Allergy to semi-literate hamovatyh people called real estate agents who insist on obsessively their services or offer to lay the "milion". Treated with two or three consultations with a competent broker, an agent with a certificate of conformity in the General register of RGR (Russian Guild of realtors) or regional professional Association.

Conclusion: from the practice of work and cooperation with brokers, agents and private experienced, from a good point of view (without irony) brokers, transactions take place at real market prices. According to statistics, the difference from the market value, i.e. overstatement, can reach 70-90%. For example, the market value of the object - 22 million rubles, and placed in the media for 33-37 million.

I thank you for your attention and patience, especially since the article is really useful and written, of course, in a very free genre solely in order to save Your time in the interests of all parties and the effective use of the information provided and the subjective opinion of the author.

Commercial real estate market expert Ivan Butenko

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