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Maralin Ru have participated in a competition on the best children's smile

Добавлена: 01.06.2016   Количество просмотров: 3460

Maralin Ru have participated in a competition on the best children's smile

From April 15 to May 11 agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru together with the Notebook of Rostov portal held fascinating event under the name "The Most Wonderful Smile of the Child", devoted to Children's Day. Children aged from one month till 12 years participated in action. In total photos were published in the Internet, of course, with the consent of parents. Agency the Your Choice + real estate agency, a photo studio "4 points", food for Energy diet life, the producer of Print Shop clothes became partners of a competition also.

Photo the competition consisted of two stages, the first has come to the end on May 13. This day have defined 10 semifinalists who have received as a prize professional a photo session from studio "4 points".

Pictures of semifinalists were published on the website the Notebook of Rostov about day of the second internet voting which has taken place on May 27. It was possible to vote for the participant who was pleasant only once, and, account of voices was kept only from IP addresses of Russians. Organizers should make the hard decision - to choose from a huge number of photos of darling, amusing, and, the most important, sincerely smiling child.
And here the long-awaited moment has come: three winners who are owners of the most beautiful smile are defined!

Rewarding took place in a festive atmosphere in elite dancing school of Alexander Polyakov "DANCE SCHOOL".

First place was won by eight-months Vitlaina. The baby, as well as most of children, adores sweet, walks and to shake on a swing. This a photo session was the first in her life, and there was she more than successfully. The sponsor of action, the CEO of agency of elite real estate Maralin Ra has handed to Vitlaina's parents the certificate. Parents plan to get a children's car seat for the child. According to mother Vitlaina, she even didn't think of prizes. Just there was a strong wish to show the kid in all beauty.

Winners of a semi-final have received gifts too. To everyone the prize has been awarded.

So, children have received t-shirts from the Print Shop company on which kids are represented. Besides, all semifinalists will be able to visit one of lessons of dancing school. The second place was taken by two-year-old Ivan, a prize, he chose equivalent 3 000 rubles independently. Ivan has chosen Lego which to him was handed by the director of Your Choice + real estate agency Pyotr Zaporozhets.
The seven-months kid Ismail became the third winner. Unfortunately, on celebration of winners he hasn't got, but he is expected by a gift in the form of a unique lodge of the NL international company. We want to thank all who have participated in this competition. Continue to give us the remarkable smiles!