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Maralin Ru took part in the championship kicker

Добавлена: 17.09.2017   Количество просмотров: 1557

Maralin Ru took part in the championship kicker

The first championship team Maralin Ru table football( Kicker) took place in Harat's Irish Pub. During the exciting and emotional struggle in the finals Maralin Alexey and Dmitry Sopin. With a difference of one point, won Dmitry. Congratulations on your victory! We wish further victories! And of course, wherever you are, you're always part of the team!!!

The rules of the game in the kicker:

1. The beginning of the game. By lot determine who will be the first to feed and who to choose side of the table.

2. Feed is putting the ball into play from a Central player in the middle line. Usually takes the side that conceded a goal.

3. Putting the ball in play. Before this is done, you should ask the opponent: "I'm Ready"? Received a reply from him, you can play. After the ball has touched two players on the line, you need to wait a second before you pass and a shot.

4. How to take the gates. The ball can score any player of any line. Caught in the gate and jumped back to the ball, is considered a bare.

5. The forbidden scroll. You can not turn rod more than 360° before or after hitting the ball.

6. Out. If the team threw the ball out of the play field, using a pass or kick, including ricochet, it is introduced into the game with the line of defense her opponents.

7. Dead ball. Consider it as such, if the ball stopped on the territory, which are not reachable for all players. If it happened between the lines, the game begins with the filing of the team that conceded the last goal. If the ball stayed in any other place, it is served from the nearest line of defense.

8. The players of one team can change positions only after the goal or during a timeout.

9. One team is allowed to take a timeout of 30 seconds not more than 2 times per game. This can be done if the player has the ball and completely stopped it or if you have stopped the game.

10. To keep the ball for 10 seconds on the middle line, and 15 seconds on the other. The goalkeeper and defensive line is considered one line.

11. Forbidden to move, shake or bump the table, to exert strong blows with a rod on Board, touch their opponent. If a player has committed such violations, the ball takes the opponent nearest to the ball line.

12. Reset time of possession. In the case of overly aggressive actions of the opponent in defence, for example, when pushing or pulling the rods, which leads to concussion, or change the direction of its movement is in your possession, interference to the implementation of the pass or kick, reset the time of possession.

13. Prohibited without the consent of the rivals penetration in the game, for example, touch the ball, figures of the player, the playing surface with your hand or attempt to blow the ball. If a team breaks this rule, giving the ball to the opponents for the submission or goal will be scored in favor of the opponents.

14. The pass is called passing the ball to the front line with the average or at the middle rear. Catching a pass is allowed, if the ball moved just before serving. When you stop the ball the pass is made, if two players touched it on the baseline. If the ball before the ball touches the front or rear surface of the player, it is equivalent to stopping the ball.

15. Punishment for violations are the opponent's serve or continuing play from the current position – the choice of the rivals, if not agreed otherwise. Violations are also considered a distraction from the game and the battle.