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Maralin Ru participated in Vladimir Solovyov's seminar

Добавлена: 05.12.2015   Количество просмотров: 3809

Maralin Ru participated in Vladimir Solovyov's seminar

On December 4 the master class known a TV and the radio host, the writer and the journalist Vladimir Solovyov on a subject "Rigid negotiations took place. Manipulations: attack and be protected". The organizer of a seminar - the BUSINESSLIFE company. This event held in Rostov-on-Don for the first time became, perhaps, the most large-scale. 1 300 people who are representatives of the companies from various branches of business took part in it.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, the author of the movie about Vladimir Putin, the leader of hot negotiations in the face of multimillion audience is constantly busy, but, despite it, it found time to share the experience. And today Vladimir Rudolfovich presented a master class in effective negotiation, carrying out the main objective – to teach to conduct dialogue, to share the experience belief.

The company Maralin Ru didn't miss opportunity to visit this unique action. And, of course, we received the mass of new information, after all at a seminar the set of living, personal examples which can be put into practice sounded. In the program of a seminar the master of oratory told attendees how to learn to make impression to achieve from people of the necessary result, be it your collective, clients and even a family.

Participants of a master class, certainly, gathered a lot of useful, for example, how to carry out transactions on profitable terms, not to give in on manipulation on sales and not to "cave in" at the prices, to provide and resolve the conflicts even if you one against crowd. Also the subject of impact on consciousness of others and opportunity effectively to resist to such influence isn't less actual.

Solovyov is the recognized practician who constantly communicates and interacts with a large number of people, with the brightest and talented Russian manipulators. Respectively, it should be protected from psychological influence all the time, and also to make impact on people around most. And for this purpose it is necessary to be able to speak clearly, to open sense told, using all possible means.

Material which was presented at a seminar, is constructed not only on the theory, but also on practical experience of Solovyov. The leader raised the most topical issues of manipulations in human communication, including nonverbal methods of influence, management of expectations, features of public discussion and many other things. The seminar was held in continuous contact with audience that allowed listeners at once after its termination to feel armed new to knowledge