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Maralin Ru during the holiday plant a tree 2013

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Maralin Ru during the holiday plant a tree 2013

In life of Rostov-on-Don constantly there are bright, colourful events which can't but please with that they constantly change the city, do it better and cozier.

Each city if to study history, has the traditions,

which originate in the remote past. The Holiday of Drevonasazhdeniya which originates in imperial Russia is such also.

In far 1910 at the initiative of the Rostov society of gardeners, inhabitants were lifted on large-scale actions on city gardening which lasted the whole day. However people didn't spend all the time with a shovel and saplings, a certain analog of a flowers parade was carried out also, various sweets and other entertainments for all who took part in procession were on sale. The event had the mass of positive responses, and became the main subject of discussion of all residents of Rostov within several next weeks. Before revolution, during an era without global industrialization, the problem of gardening of the cities wasn't particularly acute so as costs now. But, despite it, in the very first day of celebration, some thousands of trees were landed. And in the following, 1911, the numerous city organizations that made this spring joyful action even more large-scale and effective were voluntary connected to the organization and preparation of this holiday.

In 2010, 100 years later after the basis date, the holiday lost in vague revolutionary times was revived,

thanks to what joyful events for residents became one more. Can brag of that besides idle pastime of a large number of people it still bears a certain advantage not every holiday. When at municipal services which are very small, it is obvious not by quantity of accruing problems, there is no time, people can change the city the joint, organized actions during only one day.

The unanimous decision our agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, also decided to take part in city life.

On a meeting to leave always interesting by all collective because and without that the solid team can give notable help. In such serene day our forces trebled and here – we were accepted together with all to DGTU park gardening. For us this day became a special event because we and so take powerful part in city life, helping residents to choose the best real estate in the market.

And now we had a chance to make Rostov still more beautiful in order that in it it was easier to breathe and with pleasure to walk in a park shadow,

which owing to certain circumstances lost the former green power. Certainly, we couldn't miss this event and went, having pricked up tools, to create good business. Many people start shirking, don't come, and then complain that in the city nothing is done by local authorities. This wrong judgment, after all when is given the chance to work in common, it needs to be used, and the power works according to the lights. Authorities, housing and communal services and other services of one thousand on our large city, and us – tens of thousands, and if to direct this force to the necessary course and not to be lazy, it is possible to reach excellent results. Everything that made us this day, will do good. Not to us, so following generations. About it it is necessary to remember and do everything in all sincerity, looking forward far. Therefore this day the fatigue wasn't felt at all. But there was an easy feeling of grief because it everything will return to us exactly in a year, but we already know that we will surely take 2014 direct part by all our friendly staff in Drevonasazhdeniya's following Holiday.

The feeling of unity, feeling of team, equality before the general tasks is that introduces Drevonasazhdeniya's Holiday in our life.

This very significant social event which has to show to all people that with the power is possible and it is necessary to cooperate for the hometown benefit. We sincerely express our gratitude to all, young and old, to the organizations and certain people who participated in this remarkable and very symbolical meeting of spring! And we will hope that such holidays will be more, after all trees can be planted not only in the spring, but also in the fall.