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How to save up to 1 000 000 rubles upon purchase of the apartment in 2016?

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How to save up to 1 000 000 rubles upon purchase of the apartment in 2016?

Despite crisis and developments of stagnation in the sphere of economy, 2016 was rather fruitful for the real estate market. The main role in this process was played by the state support of the construction market in the field of subsidizing of a mortgage on purchase of new buildings. Interest rates decreased more than by 4%. If earlier average rate on the credit constituted - 14%, then today banks offer programs with rates from 10% per annum and even below.

According to department of analytics of the Southern Chamber of the Real estate the downward interest rate trend concerned not only new buildings, but also the secondary market of the real estate. Today it is possible to purchase the ready apartment in a mortgage under 12% while earlier minimum rate was about 14%.

At first sight can seem that 2-4% are insignificant amounts, but figures indicate the opposite:

Average cost of 1 room apartment makes 1 800 000 rubles.

In case of the initial contribution - 20% or 360 000 rubles the credit amount will constitute 1 440 000 rubles

Upon purchase of a new building on credit under 10% or 12%

Loan term - 10 years

The overpayment amount - 843 564 rubles

Upon purchase of a new building on credit under 12% the overpayment will constitute already - 1 039 177 rubles

Only 2% increase the overpayment amount by 195 513 rubles. At buyers who aren't ready to eat with an opportunity to arrange a mortgage with a reduced interest rate till December 31, 2016.

In the secondary market of a rate on the credits keep at the level of 12% so far, but it is quite probable that since January 1, 2017 they will also increase and indecisive buyers will be forced to overpay a lump sum of money on interests on credit.

The state program of support of mortgage lending finishes the action on December 31, 2016. Upon there was only 1 month to save about 200 000 rubles on an overpayment on the credit, and maybe about 400 000 rubles if the buyer makes the decision on purchase of a new building.

Today rather large number of builders is offered by apartments in the leased houses. In this case buyers have an opportunity to purchase the apartment in a mortgage with state support and to move to it right after accomplishment of repair or even to purchase the apartment already with repair, - the chairman of the Southern Chamber of the Real estate Alexey Maralin tells.

New Year's discounts from builders to 500 000 rubles

One more important factor is New Year's discounts from real estate development companies. Shares on reduction of prices already began. Builders offer discounts to 500 000 rubles. Offers such can be only on New Year's Eve and the number of apartments, of course, is limited.

As a result, having postponed acquisition of the apartment for the next year, indecisive buyers can lose about 1 000 000 rubles.

Overpayment on percent - from 200 000 rubles to 400 000 rubles

Economy at the expense of a discount to 500 000 rubles

And if to consider the fact that most of the people purchasing apartments in a mortgage live in leased apartments, then the payment about 15 000 rubles a month or 180 000 rubles a year will be added to these amounts

December, 2016 is, perhaps, the best time for the solution of a housing question with the maximum benefit for buyers.

The certified real estate agency - a guarantee of high-quality services

The companies which underwent the procedure of certification of services in the Southern chamber of the real estate can guarantee high-quality realtor services. It guarantees to the buyer fair and professional work of each employee in the company. Information on presence of the certificate at real estate agency is posted in an open entry on the website of the Southern Chamber of the Real estate.

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