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How to properly form a price before selling an apartment

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How to properly form a price before selling an apartment

The speed of sale of the apartment depends on how well it was determined by the price initially. Housing at the market price is sold in any more or less developed city is sold on average for 2-3 months. If you lower the cost by 4-5% below the market-the demand for it will increase significantly.

It will be possible to conclude a purchase and sale transaction almost immediately after the preparation of the documents required by the notary.

If the price of an apartment is too high, you will have to wait a very long time for calls from potential buyers, spend time showing real estate to people who obviously do not want to pay the desired amount.

How to evaluate an apartment quickly and accurately?

The easiest way is to contact a trusted real estate Agency. An experienced realtor and advance call after obtaining responses to a standard pool of questions about the place of the location, the year it was built, square, state of repair etc. to Accurately assess housing expert will be able only after a preliminary visit, but, in practice, a preliminary and realistic assessment is likely to coincide (or differ by no more than 40-50 thousand rubles).

If you want to set your price, you need to get information about similar apartments sold (or already sold) in your area.

At the same time be sure to compare the cost of housing in similar category houses. For example, if you plan to sell real estate in a panel house built in the 70s, it makes no sense to set it the same price at which they offer to buy an apartment of the same area in a rented new building.

The final cost of housing is influenced by the following factors:

Location: the closer it is to the center, the higher the price per square meter.

In well-developed popular areas, the average figures for the cost of apartments are higher

than for similar housing in remote and less developed parts of the city or in areas with high crime rates.

 The location of the property in the house. Reduce the market price by 3-5%, if your property is on the first or last

especially when the technical floor in the house is missing

floors, is a corner apartment in the house, does not have a loggia or balcony, is not the most successful layout, etc.

 The state of repair. If the apartment has not changed plumbing for several decades, there is an old joiner on the Windows, and the Wallpaper was last glued under Gorbachev,

you will not be able to sell it for the same price as the apartment is renovated or just in good condition.

 Transport interchange. Quickly and at a higher price, you can sell housing at the metro, near the stop with a lot of public transport.

It is necessary to moderate appetite if, on the contrary, near your house there passes only one minibus time in forty minutes.

Why is the exact price so important for sale

Every seller dreams of a bargain. The network often comes across ads from owners who want to sell an apartment at a price that is 10-20% higher than the real one. It seems that if you do not want to rush with the sale, sooner or later in the city there will be "your" buyer. In fact, it is not.

The unrealistic cost not only deters those wishing. The apartment, which for too long flashes in a series of ads creates a feeling among applicants, as if the real estate "something is wrong",

that its technical condition leaves much to be desired or there are serious problems with documents. Subsequently, even if the price drops to the market level, you may not get the expected demand.

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