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As it is correct to do interior shooting of real estate

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As it is correct to do interior shooting of real estate

If you are interested in purchase of qualitative housing, the agency of elite real estate Maralin Ra is always ready to offer the object suitable you.

Accepting real estate in work, we seek to approach a question of its presentation responsibly.

Photographing is for this purpose used, the mini-rollers sounded by the professional announcer therefore the quality content allowing to present favourably object is offered to buyers are mounted. The client in due time receives information interesting him, without avatars, the hidden types and nonexistent apartments. It gives the chance quickly to solve objectives and accelerates sale process.

My name is Anna Kuznetsova, since 2009 I specialize in interior shooting and I work as the professional photographer in the staff of the company Maralin Ru. In this article I want to make some recommendations for those who plans to sell the real estate in the near future. In today's conditions existing in the market of real estate, existence of the big competition, interior photographing became actual more than ever. I consider, it allows to present the sold real estate in the most favorable foreshortening, to allocate it from the mass of other offers. Can seem that in it there is nothing difficult, but actually it is the laborious work demanding considerable funds, knowledge and skills.

If you not the professional photographer, but the seller of the apartment or the realtor, you, for certain, need to make some attractive photos. But, even without possessing professional equipment and abilities, it is possible to take the standing pictures of an interior, having approached this business with due consideration. You will need to follow my simple advice only.

First of all, prepare the room for shooting, clean all excess subjects from a shot. The dirty ware on a table, not made bed, the scattered children's toys, etc. can spoil any good shot.

But, at the same time, some subjects can decorate a shot, for example, the opened book at a chair, bright pillows on a sofa, fresh flowers or fruit on a table, candles in a bathroom or a bedroom.

Each photographer will tell that the key to success of any photo is the correctly picked up lighting. I prefer to photograph in the afternoon, it allows to render natural colors. If in your apartment various scenarios of lighting are provided, pertinently will be to present the same room at different times of days, having shown thereby as it can look good both in the afternoon and in the evening.

Avoid too bright light, be not focused at a window when in the room there is no sufficient lighting, it is better to make a picture from a window. At a bright sunlight it is possible to curtain off windows and to include all possible lighting.

It will help to create the fine depth of a picture, photos will turn out more volume and balanced all over the world. It is worth paying attention to dark sites of the room, to put a floor lamp in this place, thereby it is possible to avoid not the necessary shadow, and also to add an interior, to add a cosiness.

It is favorable to present an interior successfully chosen foreshortening will allow. I don't recommend to rent the room, having settled down on its center. In this case, the room on the area will seem much less, than is actually. Without having a professional wide-angle lens, use simple reception - photograph from a room corner, it will give it more spacious look. Move on perimeter up and down to find the most successful composition.

Your picture will be more informative if doors get to a shot, it will tell the potential client about the internal device of housing, visualizes planning of inhabited space. I want to tell that best of all the photos made at height of level of eyes and the middle of a body (80-100 cm) are perceived. You hold the camera directly, don't distort the horizon and verticals, if necessary use a grid in settings.

Creating photo composition, try to seize in a shot the room from a ceiling to a floor, it will make a picture finished and volume.

Don't neglect a close up. By means of detailed shooting it is possible to focus attention of expensive finishing, quality of repair, a high hardware.

And the last council – do more shots, it will allow to choose the best photos further. Don't forget that the person, looking at a photo, makes the first impression which has to be memorable, and you can make it such.