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How to buy commercial real estate in 2015?

Добавлена: 27.12.2014   Количество просмотров: 4602

How to buy commercial real estate in 2015?

We became witnesses of a number of serious events in the country and in the world, the relations between the countries, policy, polarity and priorities changed, eventually the dollar and euro too changed. All this was reflected in microeconomic processes and in six months in the market of commercial real estate the real panic with all its signs set in.

These signs were shown through inflated prices of purchase and cut prices of rent if to speak a simple language.

Pertinently to remind that in the territory of the Russian Federation calculations for transactions of real estate can take place only in rubles.

Making a start from logic of participants of the market who become attached to exchange rate, the one-room apartment from 2.500.000 rubles has to rise in price to 4.500.000 rubles and kopek less. Unfortunately such processes are in the market and their existence should be accepted. By the same principle some owners of commercial real estate change also cost for sale. However, coming back to a question of that, "how to buy commercial real estate" it is necessary to tell that crisis is time of opportunities. I think that it is necessary to continue to look for the "interesting" first floors, it is necessary to buy "old" corners and to build small buildings of a trade format, it is necessary to reanimate the Soviet shops, it is necessary to look at the western traditions of "retail" and office direction even more attentively. It is necessary to be adjusted for work and on professional approach to appearance, finishing, a facade, internal planning. Why the attention is focused on it?

From 2011 and to this day, the number of addresses on purchase and rent "in a broad sense" remains to commerce stable,

beginning from public catering, finishing with a growing demand for farmer production and so forth. Businessmen look for platforms which have to conform to requirements of business, and according to more than 70% of objects of uninhabited fund have even no technical capability of the equipment of an extract, not to mention civil appearance. For this reason for so short period astronomical number of people were reoriented on big malls and the megacenters where in literal sense there are all services and entertainments where there are strict rules of trade, addresses and works with clients.

We approached at the right time when it is necessary to remember that "the goose who lays gold eggs" demands attention, care and respect.

Contrary to pessimistic moods we believe that the market of commerce will reboot rather, than will stop, by the same analogy, as recovery: After all true healing happens through an exacerbation of an illness. And senselessly to treat symptoms. Be adjusted most structurally to purchase, work with the professional realtor, be not afraid to pay, after all the realtor to the transaction and after is your real partner who protects and increases your capital, sometimes benefit reaches millions of rubles. As if mass media didn't incite us against the West, but it is necessary to follow an example of the western models of maintaining and management of real estate and capital.

We live in unique time of opportunities and investments. In total in your hands.