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How to buy or rent an apartment. Search instructions

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How to buy or rent an apartment. Search instructions

Apartments – real estate, which is almost no different from the characteristics of the apartments, but still has its advantage. The cost of such housing is much cheaper. Let's try to figure out what to consider when choosing if you are going to live in an apartment. 

Our instructions will let you know:

what are the differences between apartments;

the peculiarity of their legal status;

is it worth investing in apartments;

how to choose this property.

What is apartments?

Formally, apartments are considered non-residential premises, but their characteristics and practically do not differ from traditional apartments. Most often, this property is located in industrial buildings, or office or new buildings in the Central part of the city. Also, the apartments can be found on the territory, where previously housed industrial zones, where the construction of housing is not provided. These buildings are documented as offices and hotels, but may look like apartment buildings. Apartments are not considered to be a rare type of housing. Thus, the capital's primary market offers about 20% of such real estate from the General proposals. 

Apartments and ordinary apartments: what are the differences?

The main difference of the apartments is that they cannot be permanently registered. It can be obtained only temporarily, as the property has the status of non-residential, while registration is possible only apartments of hotel type or by agreeing with the management company, which performs the functions of the operator of the hotel. 

In the capital, social benefits are often tied to the place of permanent residence. Those who have it, can use social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, clinics), so the purchase of apartments was regarded as the purchase of additional housing. 

To date, developers to attract new customers offer good discounts. The cost of apartments is on average cheaper by 15% than the same area Studio apartment, and 20% than a two-bedroom. Located away from the city centre, the apartments are even cheaper. 

Is it really more profitable to buy an apartment than an apartment? 

More favorable. But it should take into account some points. First, the apartments belong to the segment of commercial real estate, so utilities are on average 15% more expensive than in apartments. Secondly, the property tax on such real estate is much higher. So, for an ordinary apartment, the cost of which is less than 10 million rubles. in the capital, the tax will be 0.1% of the cadastral value, a little more expensive – from 0.15% or more (for other regions the rate may be different). If the apartment is occupied, they are not used for office or commercial premises, the tax rate from 0.5% to 2% depending on the object. This should be taken into account when choosing between apartments and apartments. 

It should be noted that the cadastral value of this property is lower than for apartments. In addition, apartment owners have the opportunity to receive a tax deduction, the amount of which will be the amount of the cadastral value of 20 m2 (paragraph 3 of article 403 of the Tax code). For example, if the area of the apartment is 50 m2, the tax is paid only for 30 m2. So, a flat tax, the cadastral value of which is 10 mln. is 10 thousand rubles per year, and such apartments – about 50 thousand. 

In addition, buying an apartment, you cannot receive a tax deduction – 260 thousand rubles per person, and to enjoy the social privileges and subsidies as the maternity capital. As a result, according to experts, the discount in the cost of apartments can be compensated for an average of 50 years. 

Can I rent an apartment?

This is allowed, and, the benefit is greater than from renting an apartment. For example, in Moscow, the rental yield of the apartment is about 4-5% (depending on where the rented premises are located), then for apartments – 6-7%. In other words, the cost of apartments consists of payments for their rent for a 15-year period, and the apartment – an average of 22.5 years, respectively, its purchase pays off longer time. 

What are the differences between apartments and apartments? 

The main difference is the special status of the apartments. They are located in non-residential buildings, they do not need to meet housing standards. So, if the developer builds a residential complex, it is required to build infrastructure. There is no such obligation in relation to the apartment. 

In addition, the apartment does not apply such standards as insolation of apartments, sound insulation of premises, the height of the building. But this does not mean that the apartments are not sufficiently illuminated or there is no socially significant infrastructure, but when choosing this should still pay attention. 

When buying an apartment, you need to read reviews about the management company and other projects of the developer, as tenants and apartment owners are less protected by law, unlike apartment owners. For example, if the demolition of the municipal apartment building residents are provided with other comfortable housing, and the owners – the reimbursement of the apartment, the apartment owners can only receive monetary compensation. 

If the developer is bankrupt, the requirements of shareholders are entered in the register of requirements of construction participants. The requirements of buyers of apartments in this register do not make. Not so long ago, Federal law No. 558 came into force, on the basis of which amendments were made to the Housing code. Now the rules of redevelopment relate not only to "living quarters", but also all the rooms in an apartment building. Please note that it is not possible to redevelop the apartment without the approval of the Supervisory authorities.

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