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Foreigners can now apply for a mortgage in Sberbank

Добавлена: 14.07.2021   Количество просмотров: 45

Foreigners can now apply for a mortgage in Sberbank

Citizens of other countries can now count on a mortgage loan from the Russian Sberbank. The exceptions are Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Syria and other countries — there are twenty of them in total.

A mandatory condition for a foreign borrower is the transfer of wages to the card of the specified financial institution and compliance with the traditional requirements regarding age and work experience. You can use a mortgage for the purchase of both ready-made and still under construction real estate. In addition, the loan is allowed to be used for the construction of a residential building, for the implementation of the "Suburban real estate", "Garage" programs. It is important that the real estate object must be located in Russia.

As for the land plot and the residential premises located on it, the location here is limited to Moscow and the region, St. Petersburg (with the exception of the Kronshtadtsky district).

A citizen of another state has the right to apply for an application in any Russian region. He can use the online service from the Savings Bank "DomKlik". Meanwhile, housing mortgages are issued exclusively in Moscow plus on the territory served by the Central Russian and North-Western banks. The application is considered within up to 16 working days.

The presence of co-borrowers on this housing loan is not provided.

To apply for a housing mortgage, a citizen of another state is obliged to provide a list of documents: passport, accompanied by a Russian-language translation, necessarily certified by a notary (the exception is an identity card issued by special authorities of a foreign state, it is drawn up in several languages at once, among which there must be Russian); a migration card that has a valid period of stay in the Russian Federation; documents that legalize the right to stay in our country (this is a residence permit, as well as a visa or temporary residence permit); a document that records the fact of permanent or temporary registration of a foreigner in the territory of our country.

According to the forecasts of the SBERBANK management, the demand for this service is expected to be stable, although not too large.

It should be noted that there is a reduced rate for foreign salary clients, as well as a 0.3% discount when buying on DomKlik. But unlike Russian citizens, this type of mortgage is not covered by promotions, special offers and mortgage state programs.

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