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Electronic notarial power of attorney: what it is and how to do it

Добавлена: 20.06.2020   Количество просмотров: 1631

Electronic notarial power of attorney: what it is and how to do it

An electronic notarial power of attorney is a document that is equivalent to a paper document, but is issued in digital form. This power of attorney can be drawn up by a notary - only in this case it will have legal force.

Registration procedure

Registration of an electronic power of attorney is performed in several stages: you Must come to the notary with the original passport. The specialist must verify the identity of the applicant according to the document. if the power of attorney is already issued in paper form, it will be checked and converted to digital format. In the absence of a document, a paper power of attorney is first drawn up, then its electronic counterpart.

the Digital document is certified with the lawyer's electronic signature, and the signature is placed in a separate file. the Document is saved to an external storage medium.

You cannot make changes to a notarized electronic power of attorney - it is encrypted with a crypto key using a special program. This document is equivalent to a paper document, it has legal force. In instances where the bearer uses a power of attorney, it is easy to check whether the EDS certificate is valid.

Moreover, the validity of the document can be checked by the register of powers of attorney - this database has been working since 2017.

Advantages of an electronic power of attorney

One of the advantages of this type of document is instant transfer to the recipient. No forwarding or courier services are required, everything is done in the most secure way - via email or messenger.

Sending is carried out anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

Also, storage and transmission in electronic form is more secure. Paper power of attorney can get lost, deteriorate, and sometimes documents are stolen. Storage on electronic media allows you to avoid such risks.

It is almost impossible to fake a digital document - it is protected by EDS.

Organizations are switching to digital documentation to reduce the volume of archives. Electronic archives eliminate bureaucracy, long searches for materials, confusion and delays in solving important tasks.

This workflow reduces the time to work with papers and saves the budget - you no longer need to spend on couriers, sending letters and parcels by special services.

An electronic power of attorney is available to organizations and individuals. Organizations also need an EDS when processing such documents - they need a digital signature of the head responsible for making decisions.

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