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What to expect 60 million people, from January 1, 2019, after the entry into force of the law № 217 of the Federal law on horticultural and horticultural associations

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What to expect 60 million people, from January 1, 2019, after the entry into force of the law № 217 of the Federal law on horticultural and horticultural associations

On July 29, 2017, the Federal law No. 217-FZ "on gardening and horticulture for own needs by citizens and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation"was adopted. The law comes into force on January 1, 2019.What will happen to 60 million people?

Truckers would call gardeners. Unlike pre-existing 9 forms of country societies, there will be two – horticultural SNT and horticultural partnership ONT

The law does not apply to those who own a house in the village and do not carry out garden and garden works. Of course, you can be called a summer resident and a gardener. But, for some reason, the law, which is designed to simplify (9 forms of organizations, of course, bust), does not define one name for all – summer residents? 

Today, the land of summer residents can belong to different types of use. In this regard, the law defines garden and garden plots. The question is: what are their differences? On garden construction of capital construction, including a house, on garden – non-capital economic structures is allowed. As you can see, the difference is significant, so when planning to buy a suburban area, you should pay attention to this point. 

According to the law is considered to be non-capital construction of the Foundation, which is easily disassembled or transferred

Such an object can not be issued as real estate. If you wish to build a huge Palace with a good Foundation and say that they built a shed, but it is impossible to issue the property. This will have to change the type of use of the site, which is a complex procedure.

Garden plots: what structures are allowed to build? 

Allowed the construction of capital housing, seasonal homes, outbuildings. These buildings can be issued in the property, thus, it should be remembered that will have to pay taxes. Also do not forget that is required to register tekhplan and payment of the registration fee. Buildings up to 50 m2 can not be registered.

Is a country residence permit possible?

This is possible now, but it is necessary to obtain a court decision confirming that your home is suitable for permanent residence. The new law assumes that you will no longer need to go to court. Also, the horticultural partnership can acquire the status of a partnership of property owners, the management and development of which will be carried out as in a cottage village. In this case, the partnership should be located in the village, all houses are considered residential, and the type of use of the plots should be individual housing construction.

More about innovations in legislation

Within a horticulture or gardening is possible to arrange only one of the partnership. Also, the law regulates the state of infrastructure, which garden associations are practically not engaged in. A partnership can be opened if the legal entity has a plot of land. 

Another item regulates relations with the owners of plots that are not members of the partnership. They do not pay fees, but use a common infrastructure

The new law still prescribes payment of contributions in this case. Also, individuals can participate in the meeting and vote, except for the election of the Chairman, the Board and the audit Commission.

The law provides for two types of contributions: target and membership. The first will go to the improvement and development of infrastructure, the second – at current costs. It should be noted that since 2019 summer residents will pay contributions on the receipt, but not in cash.

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