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How to register alterations to their own property

Добавлена: 01.07.2019   Количество просмотров: 351

How to register alterations to their own property

Luxury real estate in Rostov quite often rebuilt. Go to the owners who are not satisfied with how the living space is distributed. Someone combines a toilet and a bathroom or to expand a window aperture, others increase kitchen square footage, demolishing a wall with the next room. This must be done legally, otherwise the owners face an impressive fine if the changes are detected by the regulatory authorities.

        How to legalize alteration   

We recommend that you complete all documents before you decide to make any changes. Moreover, it is not so difficult and you can cope on their own, without the services of specialists.    

        Contact BTI

        You will need to present the following documents:

     - technical passport or those apartment plan and application for a new one;

     - certificate of registration of ownership (if the property is privatized or has been purchased);

      - contract of sale, privatization, etc.;

     - floor plan with an explication.    

  Making a plan of redevelopment

        The next step is to make a sketch, mark the planned changes on it. Please note: if the project is developed by a designer or architect, he must have a license to provide such services. When the drawing is ready, it must be agreed in several Supervisory authorities: the office of architecture, SES, Rospotrebnadzor.       

        What is the difference between a sketch and a project        

        Sketch can be done by yourself. This is the so-called simplified, schematic plan. On the explication in red you need to select the details of the room that you want to remove. Green — what will appear in the apartment after redevelopment. The sketch is suitable when no major changes are made      

        The project is required to do, if it is expected to shift the load-bearing walls, installation or dismantling of stairs (relevant for two-level luxury apartments), the transfer of the bathroom    

        Work is done. What's next?

        After approval of the redevelopment of the property repair must be carried out in a short time — it is given no more than 4 months. Upon completion of the work, you must again contact the BTI and the cadastral chamber. The employee is obliged to check to what extent the changes correspond to the plan and put the new object on cadastral registration.  

         Continue to apply to ROSREESTR and voila, the layout is legalized.

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