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March 1, 2019 in Russia ended the Country Amnesty

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March 1, 2019 in Russia ended the Country Amnesty

March 1, 2019 over the term of the so-called "dacha Amnesty". This is a simplified procedure for registration of residential buildings. The program, which has been in force since September 2016, has been continuously extended, which allowed to register about 13 million properties, most of which are located in horticultural associations. 

From today, all built houses, information about which will not be submitted to the Federal registration service, go into the category of "self-building".

After the court decision, local governments have the right to demolish the building. It is worth noting that the demolition of the house should be carried out by the owner. If he wants to recognize the legitimate residential home that was not registered until March 1, will have to go to court. This procedure is long and not easy, ends in favor of the plaintiff is not always.

Since January 1, 2019, the Federal law " on the conduct of gardening and gardening for their own needs." Amendments were made to the town Planning code, which concretize this law. Building houses on the lands of horticultural associations should now be in accordance with the rules of urban planning relating to residential buildings. A single procedure for the construction of houses on the lands of individual housing units and horticultural societies is introduced. Now those who decided to build a house, be sure to notify the authorities about the dates of the beginning and completion of construction. It is also necessary to submit detailed information that the object meets the requirements of the town Planning code.

So, on the site in the horticultural Association or land individual housing construction is now possible to build a house that will have only three ground floors, and its height should not be more than 20 meters.

If you have built a four-storey cottage, demolish the extra floor is not necessary, but the registration of such a house after March 1 will not be possible. Please note that the building should not be divided into separate apartments. The maximum area of the building is not limited, but if it is more than 500 m2, you will need the development and approval of project documents, examination, and only then will be able to obtain permission to put the house into operation.

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