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12 April Cosmonautics day. What streets of Rostov-on-don, named in honor of the heroes of the astronauts?

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12 April Cosmonautics day. What streets of Rostov-on-don, named in honor of the heroes of the astronauts?

North residential area — a densely populated, developed and relatively young area of the city of Rostov-on-don. MJU is one of the two residential areas of the city of Rostov-on-don, located in the Northern part of the city, for which he received its name. One feature of this area is the fact that most of the names of the streets devoted to the cosmonautics. Largely, this is due to the fact that the peak of active development of the North came in the seventies, when the main theme of the country's space exploration.
So the main street entrance to the SGM was called the Avenue of Cosmonauts. Orbital, Universe, Planetary, Space and Astronomical and many other streets have beautiful names match.

But among those avenues, streets, lanes, of particular importance are streets named in honor of the heroes of the astronauts — Pavel Belyayev, Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Patsayev, Vladimir Komarov, and the founder of cosmonautics Sergei Korolev.

In honor of cosmonautics Day, which is celebrated annually in Russia on April 12, to commemorate the first manned flight into space, will tell about the heroes whose names are the streets of our city.

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev (December 30, 1906 (January 12, 1907) Zhytomyr — January 14, 1966, Moscow) — Soviet scientist, engineer-designer, chief organizer of the rocket and space equipment and missile weapons of the USSR, the founder of practical cosmonautics.

One of the leading figures in the field of space rocket production and shipbuilding. Sergei Korolev is the Creator of the Soviet rocket and space technology, provide strategic parity and made the USSR an advanced rocket and space power, and a key figure in the development of human space exploration, Creator of practical space. On his initiative and under his leadership, was launched the first artificial Earth satellite, the first spacecraft "Vostok" and "Voskhod", which for the first time in the history of space flight and made the exit into space. He died on 14 January 1966 in Moscow due to heart failure, buried at the Kremlin wall.

Belyaev Pavel Ivanovich (26 June 1925 Chelysheva, North Dvina province — 10 January 1970) in Moscow hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut No. 10, honored master of sports, participant of the great Patriotic war, Colonel.

Trained to fly on ships of the "East" and "Sunrise". March 18-19, 1965, Belyayev made a space flight as commander of the ship "Voskhod-2". During the flight the co-pilot of the spaceship Alexei Leonov made the world's first spacewalk. When boarding the ship "Voskhod-2", because of deviations in the orientation system of the ship on the Sun, P.

I. Belyaev manually oriented the spacecraft and turned the engine brake. These operations were performed for the first time in the world. The flight lasted 1 day 2 hours 2 minutes 17 seconds.

The astronaut died on 10 Jan 1970 in Moscow and was buried at the Moscow Novodevichy cemetery.

Dobrovolsky, Georgy Timofeyevich Volkov, Vladislav Nikolayevich, Patsayev Viktor Ivanovich - the lost cosmonauts. From 6 to 29 June 1971, they flew on DOS-1 Salyut, which lasted 23 days 18 hours 21 minutes and 43 seconds.

During the return the crew to Earth (on the night of 30 June) depressurization of the descent module of "Soyuz-11" (prematurely opened valve respiratory ventilation, Stravinsky air), and the astronauts were killed. The urn with their ashes immured in the Kremlin wall on red square in Moscow.

Komarov Vladimir - ( March 16, 1927, Moscow — April 24, 1967, Orenburg oblast) — pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union (the second time the title was awarded posthumously), an engineer-Colonel.

The commander of the first crew of the ship, and at once of three. Twice flown on the first ships of a new type: Voskhod 1 and Soyuz-1. In September 1965 he was included in the group preparing for the flight program "Soyuz". In August 1966 it was decided that Vladimir Komarov is the pilot of the "Union of -1". His understudy was appointed Yuri Gagarin . This flight April 23 — April 24, 1967 proved fatal: Vladimir Komarov was killed at the end of the flight program when during the descent to Earth was released the main parachute of the descent module. Straps reserve parachute had twisted due to the rotation of the lander. At high speed the lander crashed into the ground in the desert in Adamovsky district of Orenburg region and caught fire. The unit was completely destroyed in the collision with the ground and as a result then started the fire residue structure.

No doubt these names will be forever inscribed in the history of our great country!

In turn, this holiday, the cosmonautics Day, the staff of the company Maralin Ru congratulates all the professionals whose activity is closely connected with the comprehension of space! Your work is a contribution to modern science, new knowledge that we can bequeath to our descendants. Thank you for what you are engaged in this responsible and dangerous! Let life perfectly combines a good UPS, happy flying and a happy landing!