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Добавлена: 13.04.2021   

The Ministry of Construction named the reasons for the rise in housing prices

Vladimir Putin, in his next speech, noted that in a number of Russian regions, real estate prices have jumped by as much as 30% in a relatively short period of time. The President of the Russian Federation expressed his indignation about this and instructed the FAS to investigate the situation in the real estate market and report on the results.

Добавлена: 09.04.2021   

What documents will only notaries be able to certify from January 2021

The list of documents that only a notary has the right to certify is established by the "Fundamentals of Legislation on Notaries". It has not undergone any major changes recently. We tell you what documents from January 2021 will be able to certify only notaries.

Добавлена: 06.04.2021   

Which properties are not taxable

Real estate tax in the Russian Federation must be paid by all people who own residential or non-residential real estate. This applies not only to apartments and houses. They are also taxed:

Добавлена: 31.03.2021   

Changes in the registration of wills and endowments in 2021

Notaries are often involved in the procedures of registration of wills and gifts. In 2021, Law No. 480-FZ was introduced, which changed the work with such documents. What has changed in the design of wills and endowments in 2021? Read more about this below.

Добавлена: 26.03.2021   

How and why to check real estate for arrests and restrictions

When planning to buy an apartment or a house, do not rush to make a deal. Be sure to check the property for arrests and restrictions. So you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Добавлена: 22.03.2021   

On March 22, 2021, the webinar

Today, the employees of <url> took part in the webinar "Tax Code for a realtor". The basic information that will be required to calculate the tax consequences of the transaction, how to calculate the terms of the sale, what deductions are possible, how to make offsets, as well as errors that can lead to large taxes were told.

Добавлена: 19.03.2021   

How to legalize unauthorized redevelopment in an apartment

If you want to make global changes in your apartment – for example, demolish walls or build new ones, lay a doorway or make another window – you will have to act gradually. You will need to prepare a project and get permission from the appropriate authorities. But many are so fired up by the idea of expanding and changing the living space that they decide to redevelop themselves.

Добавлена: 17.03.2021   

The Southern Forum

The main issues for the presentation and discussions were issues related to state support for the construction of low-rise housing, lending programs for citizens, taxation, features of the work of developers, technologies for selling cottage settlements, etc.

Добавлена: 13.03.2021   

Benefits of life and health insurance when taking out a mortgage loan

Mortgage lending involves obtaining a large loan to buy an apartment. Therefore, banks seek to protect themselves as much as possible in the event that the borrower is unable to continue to pay the loan. To do this, they require the client to have mandatory life and health insurance, without which they do not approve the mortgage. Such a step on the part of the banks is not a violation of the law.

Добавлена: 10.03.2021   

Round table on the provision of Rosreestr services

On March 10, 2021, a round table on the provision of Rosreestr services, including at the sites of the MFC, was held in the business center "Balkans" on the territory of the city Boiling Point: "New opportunities in the context of digitalization".