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Добавлена: 24.10.2020   

New amendments regulating state registration of real estate

The legislator is preparing amendments to the Federal law establishing the rules for state registration of real estate. The goals of this initiative are to improve the mechanisms for obtaining public services in the field of real estate and simplify accounting and registration operations.

Добавлена: 20.10.2020   


Leading companies working in the real estate sector gather on one specialized platform. On October 16 ,2020, as part of the event, the next General meeting Of the non-profit partnership "southern chamber of real Estate" was held.

Добавлена: 15.10.2020   

What are the costs of selling real estate purchased with maternity capital

Housing that was purchased with the funds of the mother's capital, in accordance with the law, becomes the common property of children and their parents. Shares in such housing and their size are determined by the agreement of the parties to the transaction.

Добавлена: 10.10.2020   

In 2020, it is planned to simplify mortgage refinancing

In 2020, there is a trend in mortgage refinancing in the Russian credit legislation. The corresponding bill was submitted for consideration by Deputy Chairman of the lower house of Parliament Irina Yarova. This is the sixth interest rate cut in the past year and a half.

Добавлена: 07.10.2020   

In 2020, you can get a tax deduction when buying land and garden plots

The explanation of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in a letter dated 15.09.2020 put an end to the question of whether a citizen can buy a dacha or land for gardening, get a deduction for personal income tax. Since 01.01.2019, the right to tax deduction has appeared for owners of dacha and garden plots — if their land is built a residential building.

Добавлена: 03.10.2020   

New tax benefits for large families

New tax benefits have been introduced for large families. Citizens raising three or more minor children will be able to issue them. If one of the children is already 18 years old, the parents will not be able to apply for tax benefits. An additional deduction will be provided at the rate of 5 m2 per child in an apartment and 7 m2 in a residential building.

Добавлена: 30.09.2020   

The government intends to extend the mortgage at 6.5%

The anti-crisis program of preferential mortgages has caused an increased demand for the purchase of housing in new buildings. The program was launched in may and expires on November 1, 2020. It allowed not only to purchase housing at a reduced rate, but also to stimulate investment in the construction industry.

Добавлена: 24.09.2020   

From 2021, matkapital will be bigger

Russia decided to increase the size of family capital by 3.7%. The Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation announced the indexation of the largest payment to families. At the same time, the State Duma of the Russian Federation is thinking about expanding the possibilities of using the funds that the state allocates to the family.

Добавлена: 22.09.2020   

The Public chamber proposes to license real estate agencies and realtors

The Public chamber of the Russian Federation has put forward a proposal to make it mandatory for real estate agencies and realtors to obtain state licenses.

Добавлена: 19.09.2020   

Increase in the tax deduction when buying real estate

In July 2020, state Duma deputies put forward a proposal to increase the amount of tax deduction when buying real estate. The amount remains unchanged for 12 years, while housing in both the primary and secondary markets regularly increases in price. Until 2008, buyers received only 13 % of 1 million rubles, which was 130 thousand rubles. Deputies consider that it is time to make the next changes.

Добавлена: 16.09.2020   

How to register a house on a dacha plot in 2020

The very fact of building an immovable object on your dacha plot does not allow you to consider it property. To do this, you need to register the building with the appropriate authority and assign it a cadastral number. Only in this case, the owner will be able to transfer the property as an inheritance, give it away, exchange it, etc.

Добавлена: 12.09.2020   

Owners will be able to return overpayments on taxes when revising the cadastral value

The Federal law "on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" came into force, which concerns the procedure for making calculations when changing the cadastral value of a real estate object. This law is intended to affect situations where the established cadastral value of objects significantly exceeds the market price.

Добавлена: 10.09.2020   

Rosreestr changes the form of an extract from the usrn

An extract from the usrn is one of the most important documents when concluding a transaction, as it allows you to identify the owner and find out whether transactions were made with this property. An extract from the Unified state register of real estate contains information about the owner of the property, as well as a complete list of transactions that were made by a certain person.

Добавлена: 04.09.2020   

From September 1, debtors can declare themselves bankrupt through the MFC

Starting from September 1 of this year, citizens whose debt amounts range from 50,000 to 500,000 rubles have the right to declare bankruptcy in a simplified manner. To do this, you should submit an application to the MFC. The corresponding legislative act was adopted by the state Duma in the second and third readings. According to the authors of the bill, the procedure should not be charged.

Добавлена: 02.09.2020   

Public cadastral map of the Russian Federation for 2020 online

The public cadastral map of the Russian Federation for 2020 in online mode allows you to quickly and without leaving your home, get information about a capital construction project or land plot.It contains information about all objects that have passed the official survey procedure and were entered in the usrn.

Добавлена: 20.08.2020   

What you can find in the free version of the statement from the usrn

The unified state register of real estate (usrn) contains data about real estate objects in Russia and their owners. It is not possible to make a transaction without a recent statement from the usrn, since it provides information about the owner of the property and the object at the moment.

Добавлена: 15.08.2020   

How to calculate tax on sale of inherited property

Inheritance is not subject to income tax. The obligation to pay tax arises if the heir decides to sell the property, and the term of possession of the inheritance does not exceed 3 years. If the heir is the owner for more than 3 years, the tax on income from the sale of property does not have to be paid.

Добавлена: 13.08.2020   

How to sign a contract for the sale of a house and land plot

The transaction related to the transfer of ownership of a plot with a structure built on it has a special feature – the contract reflects two objects: a house; a plot of land. The legal basis for such transactions is the Civil and Land codes of the Russian Federation, as well as the Federal law "on state registration of real estate".

Добавлена: 07.08.2020   

The state Duma approved a bill that reduces the registration period for equity participation agreements

The state Duma considered and adopted a draft law on amendments to the law on state registration of real estate. In accordance with this legal document, it is now possible to register equity participation in construction in a shorter period — they are reduced from 18 to 7 days.

Добавлена: 04.08.2020   

Putin signed a law to strengthen the protection of the rights of homeowners

Putin signed a law on strengthening the protection of the rights of homeowners. The new edits will provide maximum protection for people who have decided to buy a home by participating in shared-equity construction.

Добавлена: 28.07.2020   

Can I take out a mortgage at 6.5% for the purchase of secondary housing

Until November of this year, Russia continues to operate the state program to support mortgage lending for the purchase of housing at a preferential rate of 6.5%. The program was adopted at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin and applies only to the purchase of real estate in new buildings-both in ready-to-put-into-operation objects and in those under construction.

Добавлена: 24.07.2020   

Escrow account - a banking tool of the XXI century

An escrow account, also called a conditional account, is widely used in international trade transactions. The birthplace of this tool is considered to be the United States, most transactions related to the purchase and sale of real estate are carried out using an exrow account. Its purpose is a secure settlement between the buyer and seller. The participants are three parties.

Добавлена: 21.07.2020   

Real estate transactions will become easier, but not safer

In may 2020, the Russian Cabinet approved amendments to the Federal law "on state registration of real estate". They significantly simplify a number of procedures and reduce the time for their implementation, but raise concerns among experts who believe that innovations can lead to a surge in cases of fraud in the real estate sector.

Добавлена: 11.07.2020   

The change in net

From January 1 .In 2020, additional conditions were introduced for applying the term of home ownership to remove tax obligations in the event of a sale. Recall that in 2015, the period of exemption from personal income tax for housing sales was increased from 3 to 5 years. The minimum term was maintained for situations where ownership was obtained:

Добавлена: 03.07.2020   

What is an inheritance contract and how is it better than a will

Since June 1, 2019, the civil code of the Russian Federation has been amended. There is a new concept-the inheritance contract. It is concluded during the life of the owner of the property with the future heir. At the same time, the latter is aware of what exactly and under what conditions it will get. If you compare an inheritance contract with a will, it wins in many ways.

Добавлена: 20.06.2020   

Electronic notarial power of attorney: what it is and how to do it

An electronic notarial power of attorney is a document that is equivalent to a paper document, but is issued in digital form. This power of attorney can be drawn up by a notary - only in this case it will have legal force.

Добавлена: 16.06.2020   

Amendments to the law on electronic signature

From July 1, 2020, amendments to Federal law No. 63 "on electronic signature" will come into effect, which will help protect against fraudsters. When making an electronic digital signature (EDS), you can use several ways to identify your identity: a previously confirmed electronic signature, a personal visit to the certification center,

Добавлена: 04.06.2020   

How do I get two deductions for 260 thousand rubles for an apartment, even if the owner is alone

Buying an apartment, you can get two deductions from the state at once. That is, to return to your budget the amount up to 520 thousand rubles. To do this, you need to meet several conditions: first of all, you must have a stamp in your passport at the time of purchase. And the marriage certificate in my pocket.

Добавлена: 29.05.2020   

Free mortgage 2020

The coronavirus situation and the self-isolation regime have significantly reduced the demand for mortgages. To attract customers, developers and bankers are forced to look for new tools in their work.

Добавлена: 25.05.2020   

Maralin Ru participant of the presentation of the event in VR 360 in Saint-Petersburg

Another large-scale work on the presentation of the event in VR video 360, where we were media partners. On September 20, 2019, a large meeting of a circle of like-minded hoteliers of St. Petersburg, organized by Travelline companies, took place at the site of the Ambassador hotel in Saint Petersburg.

Добавлена: 21.05.2020   

How to get all mortgage benefits in 2020

On April 23, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the entry into force of the preferential mortgage program at 6.5% per annum. In this article, you understand how beneficial this program is and how to get the benefits of a home loan.

Добавлена: 15.05.2020   

How to arrange a mortgage vacation

Mortgage holidays are a chance to take a break in a difficult financial situation. A valid reason for a break in regular loan payments may be: loss of working capacity for more than two months; dismissal from work; disability; decrease in average monthly income by more than 30%; new dependents.

Добавлена: 08.05.2020   

Relax and have fun or how to sell real estate profitably and quickly

Every year, you get wiser when you talk about real estate. I've recently realized one thing. Flipping through Internet sites and Bulletin boards, I found a lot of objects on the market, which you were in a year, two, or even three years ago, and now they are advertised either by the owners themselves, or other real estate agencies.

Добавлена: 07.05.2020   

How can a pensioner get a tax deduction when buying an apartment

Pensioners have the same rights to a tax deduction when purchasing real estate as citizens who have not reached retirement age. However, it is necessary to clarify in the local tax service the nuances of obtaining a deduction by persons who have already left for a well-deserved rest and those who continue to work.

Добавлена: 23.04.2020   

How to conduct online displays of real estate objects without leaving your home

Starting from the time of self-ISOLATION, as a forced measure to combat CORONAVIRUS, and further, the demand for buying real estate will increase. Many will want to invest money to insure themselves against inflation and regression of the country's economy. How can I now conduct impressions and make transactions

Добавлена: 22.04.2020   

A new "anti-crisis" mortgage rate is being introduced in Russia

Due to the difficult situation in the country, on April 16, President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of a new "anti-crisis" mortgage rate in Russia. It will concern the purchase of comfort-class housing in new buildings worth up to 8 million rubles in the capitals (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and up to 3 million rubles for the regions. At the same time, the issue of refinancing has not yet been raised.

Добавлена: 16.04.2020   

Who would not be able to receive a tax deduction when buying a home

Before answering the question in the title, let's look at what a tax deduction is. Almost all officially working citizens of our country give 13% of their monthly salary as personal income tax. The employer sends a certain amount (it depends on the amount of your earnings) to top up the budget.

Добавлена: 09.04.2020   

There are ways to make a cheap mortgage

Although mortgage rates have been falling recently, this banking product is still not available to all families. However, not everyone knows that there are legal ways to help reduce the interest on a housing loan, to pay it in a shorter time.

Добавлена: 01.04.2020   

Real estate sales in the conditions of coronavirus Covind 2019 or how real estate agencies will work in 2030

And now it's 2020. When the streets were empty, people began to leave their homes less often, stopped going to restaurants, movies, and just walk the streets. In most economic areas, there was a failure and a slowdown in business.

Добавлена: 27.03.2020   

Mortgage refinancing expenses

Mortgage refinancing is the transfer of housing loan debt to a new Bank that offers lower and more profitable interest rates. It makes sense to think about re-lending to the borrower if his current loan rate is 2-3 percent higher than that provided by another Bank.

Добавлена: 24.03.2020   

Why does the seller and buyer pay in the real estate market

Recently, there is a question. Who pays the real estate Agency Commission on the real estate market in Rostov-on-don? The buyer or the seller? The history of the response goes back to 2008. Until then, the work of realtors in the region was paid exclusively by real estate buyers.

Добавлена: 21.03.2020   

Do I need a certificate from a neuropsychiatric clinic when making a real estate transaction

Registration of a real estate transaction that is owned by an incompetent person entails serious negative consequences. The main risk lies in the fact that relatives, Trustees or guardians can easily challenge the contract of purchase and sale and to win the court.

Добавлена: 17.03.2020   

How to buy an apartment on a military mortgage

Military mortgages are a tool of a special state program, thanks to which military personnel can purchase their homes in any region of Russia under a contract. Here's how to do it with 3 steps.

Добавлена: 12.03.2020   

How will real estate prices change with a growing foreign exchange market

Elementary mathematics..... We take a 3K apartment in the center of Rostov-on-don at prices beginning of 2020.

Добавлена: 11.03.2020   

Frequent errors in real estate documents : what to look for in contracts of sale, hiring, donation , and wills.

Before you sign and take for registration contracts of sale, rent, gift of an apartment or a will, you should read the document several times and check for errors. After all, some points that do not seem insignificant to a lawyer may lead to the recognition of the transaction as invalid.

Добавлена: 04.03.2020   

Buying an apartment using a Bank letter of credit: features of the transaction

Using a Bank letter of credit for real estate transactions is a convenient and safe method of making settlements between the buyer and the seller. The letter of credit involves the Bank's participation as an intermediary serving both parties to the transaction.

Добавлена: 25.02.2020   

Elite real estate market Analytics 2019-2020: features, results, user profile

The luxury real estate market in Rostov-on-don has maintained some stability over the past year. We believe that despite the rather difficult situation in the economy, this segment did not experience any sharp spikes in demand and, on the contrary, we did not observe any drops in demand.

Добавлена: 18.02.2020   

What is more profitable to take to buy an apartment: a mortgage or a consumer loan

When their own funds to buy housing are not enough, citizens of the Russian Federation often seek help from banking organizations. Getting a loan is the only way for many people to improve their living conditions. However, people often wonder what kind of loan to take: mortgage or consumer? Indeed, it is difficult for a person to figure out which of the loan programs is more profitable.

Добавлена: 11.02.2020   

We will change your idea of advertising! VR video 360

Since 2017, the company" Maralin Ru " has been developing a new direction in the world of advertising – we create video advertising of the future! We used this approach for the first time in Rostov-on-don when we worked with agencies and companies that sell luxury real estate. We faced several tasks at once:

Добавлена: 07.02.2020   

New direction of development of Maralin Ru-Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Crimea

Alexey Maralin is the founder of the elite real estate Agency "Maralin Ru". Thanks to the efforts of a close-knit team, the company is dynamically developing and gaining new opportunities. For example, there are new options that make the search for housing as convenient as possible. This applies not only to our region, but also to other cities and even countries.

Добавлена: 04.02.2020   

The order of succession according to the law

The civil code clearly defines the inheritance of the deceased in the absence left by the last will (or in situations where part of the property in the will not covered). The scheme of succession "by law" is quite simple – it is regulated by Chapter 63 of Federal law No. 146 of the civil code of the Russian Federation.

Добавлена: 01.02.2020   

How to transfer money for an apartment to the seller

The issue of transferring money is very serious when it comes to real estate transactions. After all, we are talking about large amounts. It is extremely important to take care of your safety, the safety of funds for both the buyer and the seller. So, what should I know about possible ways to transfer money?

Добавлена: 23.01.2020   

New type of risky apartments

Buying real estate is becoming an increasingly responsible step, because unscrupulous sellers regularly come up with new fraudulent schemes that can leave you without money or housing. Often, even the most attentive customers fall into the network of hackers. Therefore, we regularly post the most up-to-date information about all risky transactions that you may encounter.

Добавлена: 18.01.2020   

3 main dangerous conditions in the contract of sale of an apartment

According to various data, from 5 to 10% of real estate transactions are challenged in court, and some of them are eventually recognized as invalid. In most cases, the affected party is the buyer of the property. It is the future owner who risks losing time or money, and sometimes even an apartment, if the purchase and sale agreement is not executed correctly.

Добавлена: 10.01.2020   

Long-awaited housing: the problem of deceived shareholders is solved on the don

On December 14, 2019 in Rostov-on-don, people deceived by unscrupulous developers received the keys to the long-awaited housing in the newly built residential district "Veresaevo". A total of 195 such apartments were commissioned.

Добавлена: 07.01.2020   

New rules of the tax system personal income tax 2020 for property owners have come into force

The new year 2020 introduced new amendments to the tax code. In particular, the innovations affected the owners of real estate. Since the beginning of the year, a legislative act has been in force, according to which Russians can not pay personal income tax

Добавлена: 01.01.2020   

happy New year from the team Maralin Ru

During the decade of our company's existence, a good tradition has already developed, on the eve of new year holidays, to congratulate each other and send warm wishes to our dear customers!

Добавлена: 24.12.2019   

5 most common myths about tax refunds

Myth 1. It takes a lot of effort to collect a package of documents It is believed that to obtain a tax deduction, you need to prepare a large number of certificates. But the list of documents is simple: passport; contract of sale of a car or real estate or purchase of services; settlement documents (receipt, commodity or cash receipt, extract); application for

Добавлена: 20.12.2019   

How to buy an apartment that is in the mortgage: the transaction process and possible nuances

In today's real estate market for sale exhibited a lot of apartments that are mortgaged. Among them there are quite attractive offers. However, many potential buyers are wary of such housing. Meanwhile, the process of buying and selling mortgage apartments has long been worked out, it is quite a common transaction.

Добавлена: 18.12.2019   

Protecting real estate from scammers and black realtеrs

Homeowners are urged to update their property data in the usrn. This is due to the changes that occurred in the Russian legislation in November 2019. In this regard, the Federal registration service encourages property owners to respond to these innovations.

Добавлена: 16.12.2019   

No longer need to pay personal income tax on the sale of real estate? Yes, but not always

Back in July 2019, the Federal law 210-FZ was signed: among other things, it made a number of changes to the Tax code. They are designed to expand the list of conditions under which a citizen of the Russian Federation after the sale of housing is exempt from personal income tax. The amendments will come into force on 1 January 2020. From now on, you will not need to pay personal income tax when selling a single home, provided that you own it for 3 years.

Добавлена: 13.12.2019   

Far Eastern mortgage program: 6 million at 2% for 20 years

On December 7, 2019, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed Resolution No. 1609, which fixes the conditions of the far Eastern mortgage program. Until the first of January 2025, young families and single parents living in the far Eastern region are entitled to a preferential mortgage loan.

Добавлена: 11.12.2019   

What to do after buying a home

After buying a home, the paperwork for its owner is not over. There are still a number of important bureaucratic issues to be resolved. This should be done immediately after receiving the property in the property.

Добавлена: 05.12.2019   

How to make a preliminary contract of sale of real estate

The conclusion of a preliminary contract of sale of real estate reduces the risks of non-compliance with agreements for both parties to the transaction. The agreement fixes the obligations of the buyer, sets the deadline for registration of documents, fixes the cost of the object, determines the order of settlements. This is necessary when a number of circumstances prevent the completion of the operation.

Добавлена: 29.11.2019   

On December 6, 2019, the professional standard of specialists in real estate operations was adopted.

The Ministry of labor has approved the professional standard of specialists in real estate transactions. The corresponding order comes into force on December 6, 2019. The standard establishes requirements for the experience and education of realtors.

Добавлена: 27.11.2019   

Employees of the real estate Agency maralin Ru attended a master class

On November 27 in Rostov-on-don, in Congress hotel AMAKS, the master class "Secrets of winners" of the Vice-President of RGR Valery Vinogradov took place. An advantage of the master class is that Valery, unlike many other business coaches, is a practitioner and has gone from a mere agent to the President of the Russian Guild of Realtors, from a simple agent to CEO of AVENTINE.

Добавлена: 25.11.2019   

Less words — more business: "Rostelecom" held a conference "Business drive" for entrepreneurs of Rostov-on-don.

Luxury real estate Agency "Maralin Ru" took part in the conference "Business drive", organized by the company "Rostelecom". The event was held on November 25 in the business center "Amethyst". Speakers at the conference were well-known Russian experts:

Добавлена: 22.11.2019   

How to protect yourself when buying an apartment under construction

Buying an apartment in new buildings is not only profitable, but also a very responsible business. There is always a risk that the keys to the long-awaited apartment you get only after many years, or do not get at all. Stories about abandoned unfinished today, unfortunately, a lot. Therefore, when you see a good offer, do not rush to conclude a contract. It is necessary to thoroughly check everything, because a considerable amount is at stake.

Добавлена: 14.11.2019   

Agency staff Maralin Ru attended the workshop of Alexei Makarov

November 12, 2019 in Rostov-on-Don in the Boutique Hotel No. 39 on the street. Shahumyan hosted a seminar of a business coach, one of the leading teachers of the Higher School of Economics Alexei Makarov. The event, which was attended by specialists of the elite real estate agency Maralin Ru, was held in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Добавлена: 13.11.2019   

Bad credit history - refusal to issue a mortgage

Today, when financial stability is not at the highest level, many people periodically have to resort to the help of financial organizations. A person takes various loans and borrowings, and it seems that this will solve all problems. Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise in which it is not possible to make loan payments on time.

Добавлена: 06.11.2019   

How to properly form a price before selling an apartment

The speed of sale of the apartment depends directly on how well its price was determined initially. Housing at a market price is sold in any more or less developed city sold for an average of 2-3 months. If the cost is lowered by 4-5% below the market value, the demand for it will increase in times.

Добавлена: 02.11.2019   

"Sberbank" will use electronic mortgages when making a mortgage

The development of new technologies has affected many industries. Today, financial institutions are actively using electronic documents, which significantly simplifies the process of interaction with customers. People want to get the necessary information and execute transactions using a computer or mobile device.

Добавлена: 28.10.2019   

TOP 5 risks of buying real estate on the secondary market: debts, prescribed, inheritance, Encumbrance, purchase in marriage

Despite the active increase in the popularity of real estate services in the secondary real estate market, some buyers still have the "temptation" to buy an apartment directly.

Добавлена: 22.10.2019   

How to bargain when buying an apartment

Choose an apartment and have already found a suitable one, but its cost seems to you inflated? Try to convince the seller to lower the price. With a skillful approach to business, you will have decent chances of saving in the amount of 3-10% of the amount declared initially.

Добавлена: 18.10.2019   

Preferential family mortgage plan to extend to

In early 2018, the Federal mortgage subsidy program was launched. Young families in which from 01.01.2018 to 31.12.2022 there was a second or subsequent child, have the right to issue a loan for the purchase of housing in new buildings at 6% per annum, subject to payment of an initial payment of 20% of the cost of the object.

Добавлена: 02.10.2019   

In what cases does the price of selling an apartment decrease?

Whatever price the seller of the apartment sets, the buyer always wants to reduce it. There are often objective reasons for this. In general, the value is influenced by circumstances independent of the owner of the property, which are impossible or difficult to change. List the main cases in which the buyer is entitled to a discount

Добавлена: 27.09.2019   

From January 1, the Russians will be more profitable to sell real estate with a decrease in the term of ownership

The state Duma adopted a law according to which some amendments were made to the Tax code. Thanks to these changes, it will be profitable for Russians to sell real estate with a decrease in the period of ownership. Residents of the country will be able to use the innovation from January 1, 2020.

Добавлена: 19.09.2019   


"Fair housing" - the largest event for real estate professionals, the only project of this format in Rostov-on-don. A unique exhibition, which was visited by over 3,000 people, opened its doors on September 13-15 in "Dalexpocenter".

Добавлена: 11.09.2019   

Apartment for sale, the owner of which is a minor

Minors can be the owners of the apartment. However, because of their age, they do not have the right to dispose of their property independently. The question arises: is it Possible to sell housing if the owner is a minor?

Добавлена: 27.08.2019   

How to find the owner of the apartment at

The need to know the owner of the apartment at the address most often occurs in two cases: it is necessary to conduct a purchase and sale transaction in the secondary real estate market or you need to rent a house without the risk of being deceived by fraudsters.

Добавлена: 21.08.2019   

How to sell an apartment step by step instructions

Any person in the sale of real estate raises a number of questions relating to the safety of the procedure, obtaining the largest possible amount and speed of the transaction. Of course, to answer these questions can only be a qualified specialist with considerable experience in the field of real estate.

Добавлена: 12.08.2019   

Approved a draft law prohibiting the seizure of housing from bona fide buyers

The state Duma in the first reading amended the Civil Code, on the basis of which it is now not allowed to withdraw from the owner of his property, if it is sold to them by scammers.

Добавлена: 07.08.2019   

Real estate transactions without a notary will now be concluded in a simplified manner

Since July 31, amendments to the law On state registration of real estate came into force in Russia, on the basis of which transactions related to the registration of common share ownership may be concluded without the participation of a notary.

Добавлена: 01.08.2019   

Business Breakfast with partner VTB Bank Avdeev Yuri Viktorovich

Our next business Breakfast was visited by the Manager of VTB Bank in the Rostov region Yuri Avdeev.At the meeting, we discussed the development of the mortgage market and refinancing programs, the nuances of opening escrow accounts, as well as plans for 2019.

Добавлена: 29.07.2019   

South picnic Rielt passed on the Left Bank of the don on the base of the Tree

July 26, 2019 on the Left Bank of the don in the health complex "Christmas Tree" was held the second event called picnic Realt.

Добавлена: 15.07.2019   

How to sell a mortgage apartment

The issue with the sale of a mortgage apartment becomes relevant when the owner of such real estate circumstances change. This may be the inability to pay large monthly fees or the desire to purchase more spacious housing.

Добавлена: 01.07.2019   

How to register alterations to their own property

Luxury real estate in Rostov quite often rebuilt. Go to the owners who are not satisfied with how the living space is distributed. Someone combines a toilet and a bathroom or to expand a window aperture, others increase kitchen square footage, demolishing a wall with the next room.

Добавлена: 04.06.2019   

Members of the southern chamber of real estate have completed 100% certification of their companies by June 1, 2019

In pursuance of the decisions of the National Council of the NP RGR of December 7, 2018 and decisions of the TOS YUPN of February 28, 2019 in the "southern chamber of real estate" completed the certification of real estate agencies included in the Partnership.

Добавлена: 03.06.2019   

How to get a tax deduction when buying an apartment: conditions of registration and receipt

Buying an apartment for their own money or making out for its purchase a mortgage loan, the Russians can count on the return of the money invested in real estate. The state believes that buying an apartment is the "right" investment and is ready to compensate something.

Добавлена: 17.05.2019   

In Russia there will be an IT platform for the execution of transactions with real estate

Rosreestr and the Federal cadastral chamber have planned to develop a special electronic platform within which various real estate transactions, including payment of taxes, will be carried out.

Добавлена: 13.05.2019   

Early repayment of the loan and mortgage: useful information

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the right of the borrower to repay the mortgage early. It is prohibited for banks to deny such a wish to customers. However, many financial institutions are trying to delay the process within the framework of the Law, wishing to receive longer income in the form of interest.

Добавлена: 03.05.2019   

Purchase and sale of housing through a real estate Agency: features and benefits

Is it worth to contact the real estate Agency, if you have to sell or buy an apartment, house or object for commercial needs? Time-saving, professional expertise, competent preparation of documents, evaluation and scoring of the real market value of the property – not all the benefits of the purchase and sale of real estate through a real estate Agency.

Добавлена: 29.04.2019   

VTB has lowered the interest rate on mortgages to 5%

The reduction of interest rates on loans is the main goal of most borrowers, and this is logical, because the decrease in interest leads to faster repayment of the loan. VTB Bank continues to reduce interest rates on mortgage loans, creating loyal conditions for customers.

Добавлена: 26.04.2019   

How to buy or rent an apartment. Search instructions

Apartments – real estate, which is almost no different from the characteristics of the apartments, but still has its advantage. The cost of such housing is much cheaper. Let's try to figure out what to consider when choosing if you are going to live in an apartment.

Добавлена: 22.04.2019   

Entry into the inheritance. What to check if you are buying an inherited apartment

The purchase of an apartment inherited by the seller is considered a high-risk transaction – especially if the sale is made before the expiration of 3 years (in some cases 5 years) from the date of entry into the inheritance. Is there a problem?

Добавлена: 18.04.2019   

Signed a law banning hostels in an apartment building

On the basis of the law signed recently by President Vladimir Putin, article 17 of the LCD will be amended. Now it is forbidden to place hotels (hostels) in an apartment building, if the premises are not transferred to the non-residential status

Добавлена: 16.04.2019   

The construction of a new Park zone in the village Starocherkasskaya is being completed

This year it is planned to complete the construction of a huge Park area of 40 000 m2 in Starocherkassk. Improvement of the territory is carried out within the program of development of the ancient Cossack village.

Добавлена: 08.04.2019   

The register of unauthorized capital objects in Rostov-on-don was updated

For the purpose of implementation of requirements of h. 4 Art. 62 of the town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the Administration of Rostov-on-don approved the Order according to which the reasons of violation of this legislation in the territory of the city are established (the Resolution No. 801 of 08.08.2007).

Добавлена: 05.04.2019   

Package of new benefits for large

The state Duma is forcing the execution of the President's task to provide large families with new fiscal privileges. To solve the problem this year, the deputies carry out some of the changes "retroactively". It is primarily about preferential taxes on property and land. The relevant bill has already passed the 2nd reading.

Добавлена: 01.04.2019   

How to buy an apartment with the help of maternity capital

Who and how is allowed to use the maternity capital for the purchase of housing, are there any restrictions? Let's understand.

Добавлена: 01.04.2019   

The Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru for 10 years!

On April 1, the Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru turned 10 years old.

Добавлена: 18.03.2019   

Residents of Aksay district are waiting for the opening of a secondary school in the village of Yantarny

By the beginning of the school year in the village of Yantarny Aksay district it is planned to complete the construction of a school for 600 places. It is planned that the school will be put into operation by the beginning of the new academic year 2019.

Добавлена: 12.03.2019   

New details of Rosreestr for payment of state duty in Rostov-on-don

The cadastral chamber for the Rostov region reports that since February 04, 2019 account details for transfer of money for services of Rosreestr change.

Добавлена: 06.03.2019   

Congratulations on March 8 From maralin Ru

At all times, the woman was considered the Keeper of the hearth, the embodiment of wisdom, patience, family well-being and all the most beautiful. In the first spring days we are in a hurry to congratulate the most important woman in the life of every person – mother, while not forgetting about wives, sisters, grandmothers.

Добавлена: 01.03.2019   

March 1, 2019 in Russia ended the Country Amnesty

March 1, 2019 over the term of the so-called "dacha Amnesty". This is a simplified procedure for registration of residential buildings. The program, which has been in force since September 2016, has been continuously extended, which allowed to register about 13 million properties, most of which are located in horticultural associations.

Добавлена: 19.02.2019   

I want to sell more expensive... A realistic assessment of the property

Working in the real estate business for 18 years, you begin to more judiciously and consciously approach the assessment of the property, given that over the past five years, the real estate market of Rostov-on-don and, in General, Russia has undergone strong changes that have affected, in particular, sellers and, of course, the approach to the purchase of potential buyers.

Добавлена: 02.02.2019   

Video message of the President of the Kamchatka club Valery Semenovich Kazeykin at the all-Russian housing Congress

In April 2019, the next all-Russian housing Congress on real estate will be held in Sochi

Добавлена: 21.01.2019   

Myths and reality of commercial real estate in Rostov-on-don

Several myths about the commercial real estate market in one article

Добавлена: 02.01.2019   

We congratulate you On the new 2019 year

Добавлена: 24.12.2018   

Income tax for non-residents in Russia has been abolished since 01.01.2009

Everyone knows that income received by citizens in the Russian Federation from the sale of real estate is taxed on personal income – personal income tax. According to the law, both tax residents of the Russian Federation and individuals who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation are recognized as payers of such tax in our country.

Добавлена: 15.12.2018   

No more registration 17.04.2018 g entered into force Order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from 31.12.2017 g. № 984

On 17.04.2018, The order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation No. 984 of 31.12.2017 came into force, which approved the Administrative regulations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the provision of state services for registration of citizens of the Russian Federation at the place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation.

Добавлена: 06.12.2018   

Service Comclick what's new and what trends puts AR YUPN for 2019

Real estate community offers the service Comclick open access service only professional market players. This and other issues were discussed at the meeting of the AR YUPN, which was held on November 30, 2018 in Rostov-on-don.

Добавлена: 21.11.2018   

Russian housing Congress Sochi 2019 registration is now available

The next all-Russian housing Congress will be held in Sochi on April 8-12, 2019. For this purpose, there are three sites: the Olympic University, the Pullman Sochi Centre hotel and the Hyatt Regency Sochi hotel Annually visited by three thousand real estate professionals from Russia and other countries.

Добавлена: 17.11.2018   

What are the advantages of the southern chamber of real estate Rostov-on-don

In Rostov-on-don, there are more than 400 real estate companies, but provide truly professional services and comply not only with the legislation of the Russian Federation, but also the ethical code of the realtor only a few dozen of them. As a rule, these are companies that have passed voluntary certification in the Russian Guild of Realtors

Добавлена: 12.11.2018   

November 7, 2018 held a regular meeting of the southern chamber of real estate

On November 7, 2018, the regular meeting of the southern chamber of real estate was held. Participants discussed such critical issues related to the activities of non-commercial partnership, such as: interaction with Domlec from Sberbank, Gazprom with banks, Opening

Добавлена: 08.11.2018   

Business and digital technology: Maralin Ru attended Sberbank

On October 8, a conference entitled "How to rebuild your business in the era of digital technologies" was held in the office of PJSC "Sberbank", located on Evdokimov street, 37. The event was attended by developers, real estate agencies, realtors. The Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru also visited the conference, during which the presentation of new products took place.

Добавлена: 16.10.2018   

Maralin Ru visited the all-Russian housing Congress 2018 in St. Petersburg

From 8 to 12 October, the all-Russian housing Congress was held in St. Petersburg. By tradition, the hotel "Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya" gathered political and business elite from both Russian regions and countries of near and far abroad.

Добавлена: 12.09.2018   

In Rostov-on-don hosted the IV annual fair housing Fair

"Fair housing" - the largest event for real estate professionals, the only project of this format in Rostov-on-don. A unique exhibition, which was visited by over 4,000 people, hospitably opened its doors on September 7-9 in "Dalexpocenter".

Добавлена: 10.09.2018   

Maralin Ru winner of the Best real estate Agency and realtor of the South of Russia-2018

The Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru took part in the annual exhibition "housing Fair" which was held from 7 to 9 September, the "Dalexpocenter". As part of the event, the company received another well-deserved award in the contest "Best real estate Agency and the best realtor of the South of Russia - 2018" - diploma in the category "best corporate publication".

Добавлена: 29.08.2018   

What to expect 60 million people, from January 1, 2019, after the entry into force of the law № 217 of the Federal law on horticultural and horticultural associations

On July 29, 2017, the Federal law No. 217-FZ "on gardening and horticulture for own needs by citizens and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation"was adopted. The law comes into force on January 1, 2019.What will happen to 60 million people?

Добавлена: 19.08.2018   

The Ministry of construction plans to create a single system that controls shared construction

The Ministry of construction has made a request for proposals from regulatory organizations on the development of a single system that allows control of the sphere of shared construction. Thus, it is necessary to calculate the standards that will allow developers to control. The creation of such a system is necessary, because the law on shared construction has changed significantly.

Добавлена: 13.08.2018   

What is the need for certification of real estate agencies and certification of agents and brokers

Real estate has always been one of the most profitable investments. Buying a home is a legally complex procedure in which mistakes are not allowed. That is why you should contact professionals.

Добавлена: 06.08.2018   

Prohibition of pensioners to dispose of their property without permission of the authorities

During Soviet times, had acted so-called gostosura which blocks the unwanted party publication. Today in our country freedom of speech. It is this phrase that is often covered by irresponsible public statements and illiterate publications that mislead and displease various groups of the population.

Добавлена: 27.07.2018   

Members of the southern chamber of real estate held a meeting with Binbank partners and the Opening

On July 20, 2018, members of the southern chamber of real estate held a meeting with Binbank partners and the Opening

Добавлена: 23.07.2018   

Does the buyer pay tax for the purchase of real estate

Property, transport and land owners have started to receive tax notifications for the past year. Now you can see the new column income tax. It is relevant for those who, receiving any income, did not report on it in the Declaration and did not pay, as expected, 13% to the state budget. Many often do not know that they are debtors on taxes and are included in the "black list" of the FTS.

Добавлена: 12.06.2018   

Collective competitive advantage will receive the members AR

The General meeting of the Association approved a number of real and clear benefits from membership in the professional Association for real estate companies-members of the AR YUPN, and for all their customers.

Добавлена: 30.05.2018   

2018 world Cup: rent an apartment in Rostov and get rich

The rise in rental prices of apartments in host cities of the world Cup was the subject of discussion by the Federal and local media. In Saransk, for example, football fans were offered to rent an apartment worth 1 million rubles a day!

Добавлена: 08.05.2018   

Maralin Ru signed a cooperation agreement with the carrier

Now our clients will be aware of the events of the luxury real estate market at an altitude of 10 000 meters, reading the logbook "Your azimuth".

Добавлена: 23.04.2018   

Maralin Ru team took part in the all-Russian Housing Congress in Sochi

From 17 to 21 April in Sochi in the hotel "Pullman Sochi Centre" for the first time held the all-Russian Congress of Housing. For 12 years, this major business event was held annually in October in St. Petersburg. Traditionally, it was attended by representatives of real estate business from different regions, as well as near and far abroad. Congress in Sochi was attended by more than 1,500 participants.

Добавлена: 18.04.2018   

Spring issue of Marilyn Magazine

The next issue of "Marilyn Magazine": read with pleasure!

Добавлена: 12.04.2018   

What will happen to the real estate market amid the growth of the exchange rate

Another increase in the exchange rate raises a number of questions, and, first of all, many are interested in what will be the reaction of the real estate market. Housing prices can not change significantly in one day, but, nevertheless, the relationship between the property and the exchange rate exists.

Добавлена: 05.04.2018   

How to distinguish a professional realtor from an Amateur

The profession of a realtor exists at the intersection of several areas: marketing, investment, sales, legal bases in the field of family law and housing law, Understand all the intricacies of competent and guaranteed safe purchase of square meters is capable of only a trained specialist.

Добавлена: 01.04.2018   

To the agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru — 9 years!

I would like to congratulate the company's clients, colleagues and our friendly team on the holiday – 9 years ago we started our activities in the real estate market. It was on this day, April 1, we remember how it all started... there was success, there were failures, but today we have achieved excellent results.

Добавлена: 14.02.2018   

In honor of someone named streets of Rostov-on-don after his release on 14 February 1943?

February 14 for guys, it's not just the number of calendar, because on this auspicious day, cold in 1943 was liberated from the Nazi invaders of Rostov-on-don. The Caucasus gate was occupied twice by the Nazis and their allies.

Добавлена: 12.02.2018   

Maralin Ru - the conferee Innovatsii of the real estate market-2018

In Adler on February 9-10, was held the national conference for partners of Sberbank. Every year there is a huge number of guests from all over the country, including real estate agencies and developers. Last Friday, 1,500 attendees, including representatives from Turkey, were registered.

Добавлена: 08.02.2018   

Realtor day, our professional holiday

I want to congratulate you with your professional date – day of the realtor! You have chosen a socially important profession, and thanks to you, many successfully acquire comfortable housing. It is difficult to imagine the real estate market without realtors, because every day you solve a huge number of important tasks, and the most important of them is to help in buying their own homes.

Добавлена: 29.12.2017   

Happy New year from the team Maralin Ru

Dear colleagues, partners, clients! The Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru congratulates you with Coming New year 2018!

Добавлена: 23.12.2017   

Compare the three individual projects Finished apartments from BERLONI

The essence of this project is to offer in the Rostov market of real estate is unique product. Studio interior design BERLONI has performed three projects, where the fully implemented design of the interior, has developed a unique style and design solution, carried out supervision.

Добавлена: 20.12.2017   

The analysis of the market of the elite real estate 2017 and forecast for 2018

The market of the elite real estate, as well as any other segment, annually is modified, and the market of Rostov-on-Don – not an exception. Offers are present at a large number, buyers are in premium class objects actively interested too. Acquisition of any real estate object represents the favorable investment allowing not only to keep, but also to increase the capital.

Добавлена: 12.11.2017   

Round table of the Southern chamber of the real estate with partners of VTB

On November 9, 2017 Park of Culture restaurant (Semashko St., 51) business a breakfast, between members of NP of the Southern chamber of the real estate and bank the partner Retail bank VTB in the Rostov region took place. A main objective of a meeting – continuation of collaboration over improving of interaction of realtor community in the Rostov region.

Добавлена: 26.10.2017   

Maralin Ru has participated in the Forum of marketing and advertizing Giraffe

In Rostov-on-Don on October 25-27 the current year annually held Forum of marketing and the advertizing "Giraffe" took place. Within the action which is taking place in Donekspocentre there took place 50 master classes from leading experts.

Добавлена: 10.10.2017   

Maralin Ru

Maralin Ru took an active part in the housing Congress, held from 3 to 7 October in St. Petersburg. In the framework of this event were summed up the results of the contest CREDO-2017, and our company was awarded by diploma in the nomination "the Best company providing personal services on the real estate market."

Добавлена: 07.10.2017   

Maralin Ru is the member of the all-Russian housing Congress

In St. Petersburg from 3 to 7 October was held the all-Russian housing Congress, which is one of the most important events on the real estate market. It was attended by realtors from all regions of Russia and other countries. Alexey Maralin not miss the opportunity to visit the city on the Neva and made a presentation before an audience held in the section of real estate conference "technologies of attracting and servicing clients in crisis: from search to transaction."

Добавлена: 30.09.2017   

Maralin Magazine - the first magazine about luxury real estate in Rostov-na-Donu

The company Maralin Ru has published the first issue of the journal Maralin Magazine, the pages of which readers will be able to read the latest information of the market of elite real estate of Rostov-na-Donu and Rostov region.

Добавлена: 17.09.2017   

Maralin Ru took part in the championship kicker

The first championship team Maralin Ru table football( Kicker) took place in Harat's Irish Pub. During the exciting and emotional struggle in the finals Maralin Alexey and Dmitry Sopin.

чемпионат кикер 2017 корпоратив maraliteam маралин Сопин футбол

Добавлена: 14.09.2017   

Alexey Maralin was awarded a diploma in the nomination Person of the year in the real estate market

From 8-11 September 2017 in Rostov-on-don "Dalexpocenter" held a large-scale event, "Fair housing," within which was held a competition "Best real estate Agency and realtor of Southern Russia 2017". The Chairman of the Board of the Association of realtors "southern chamber of real estate" and the head of Agency of elite real estate Maralin Alexey became the winner in nomination "person of the year in the real estate market" and was awarded a diploma and a certificate for promoting the Agency's resources.

Добавлена: 08.09.2017   

Southern chamber of real estate" took part in the "housing Fair

8 september in "Dalexpocenter" began its work exhibition-fair of real estate, which will last until September 11. This event is the only one in the Rostov region a platform to meet developers and real estate agencies.

ярмарка жилья Вертол экспо риэлтор 2017 ЮПН РГР ДонЭкспоцентр Ростов

Добавлена: 28.08.2017   

Whether involved in "black realtors" to the old town of Rostov-on-don?

August 21 in Rostov-on-don there was a massive fire houses in the old part of the city near the Theater down the street Nizhny Novgorod. The fire on the area of 10 thousand square meters was localized. Currently, this incident is being actively discussed, including the participation of the so-called "black realtors".

поджог 21 августа администрация черный риэлтор ЮПН риэлтор застройщик

Добавлена: 23.08.2017   

Recipe of Napoleon from Alexey Marlin joined the new edition of the cookbook

Alexey Maralin, head of Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, took part in the publication of the recipe in the annual publication of a cookbook. This year the Publishing house Mark Media Group is releasing a fourth edition.

Добавлена: 15.08.2017   

8-th of September in Rostov-on-don will be a competition for the best estate Agency and best agent in the South of Russia

September 8 is the day when realtors SFD to gather together in the capital of the don to determine the best representatives of their profession.

вертол экспо ЮПН риэлтор Ростов агентство конкурс лучший риэлтор лучшее агентство

Добавлена: 01.07.2017   

June 23 at the South picnic Rialto celebrated 15 anniversary UPN and 10 years of TGR

June 23, on the Left Bank of the don in the recreation complex "Herringbone" was held an event called "picnic Rielt", dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the "southern chamber of real estate and the 10th anniversary of Taganrog of the Russian Guild of realtors.

ЮПН ТГР пикникриэлт Ёлочка левый берег Апрелев Казейкин Маралин ассоциация риэлторов

Добавлена: 17.06.2017   

Maralin Ru took part in the event from Sberbank Golf club Country

Maralin Ru took part in the event from Sberbank Golf club Country

Гольф клуб кантри Маралин 2017 Сбербанк партнер застройщик

Добавлена: 12.06.2017   

UPN party of the XXI Congress of real estate in Voronezh

7-11 June this year in the multifunctional complex of the Expo Event Hall (Voronezh) was held the XXI national Congress on real estate. This event, the General partner OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" is annually held by the Russian Guild of Realtors. Representatives of the southern chamber of real estate do not miss the opportunity to visit it.

ЮПН Воронеж РГР Сбербанк ВТБ 24 соглашение риэлтор 2017 конкурс МЛС

Добавлена: 12.06.2017   

Dear colleagues! I congratulate you on Russia Day!

Russia day – a holiday in the country with a long history, vast powers, bringing together different peoples, cultures and religions. Russia has always been famous for achievements of its scientists, poets, military commanders and representatives of other equally important professions, known for solidarity and fortitude in the most difficult times for the country.

День России Путин 2017 культура религия Россия страна праздник Мир добро

Добавлена: 30.05.2017   

A reminder to the owner of the property.

The company Maralin ru provides not only for transfer and implementation of legal registration but also at a high level carries out the work of finding a buyer

собственник 2017 риэлтор фото видео маклер договор контракт

Добавлена: 13.05.2017   

Signed a cooperation agreement between the Center for real estate the Sberbank (domclick) and RGR

April 27, between the Center of the property from the savings Bank (domclick) and the Russian Guild of realtors, signed a cooperation agreement.

РГР ЮПН Домклик центр недвижимости Сбербанк риэлтор 2017,

Добавлена: 11.04.2017   

12 April Cosmonautics day. What streets of Rostov-on-don, named in honor of the heroes of the astronauts?

North residential area — a densely populated, developed and relatively young area of the city of Rostov-on-don. MJU is one of the two residential areas of the city of Rostov-on-don, located in the Northern part of the city, for which he received its name. One feature of this area is the fact that most of the names of the streets devoted to the cosmonautics. Largely, this is due to the fact that the peak of active development of the North came in the seventies, when the main theme of the country's space exploration.

день космонавтики время первых СССР Леонов Беляев Королев Гагарин

Добавлена: 02.04.2017   

8 years with you Maralin Ru in the real estate market

The agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru has begun the way since April 1, 2009. In 8 years we have reached certain heights in the real estate market of Rostov-on-Don and the region, rendering complex services for natural and legal entities. Harmonious work of collective, professionalism, individual approach to the solution of questions of each client has allowed to take the leading position.

Маралин Ру день рождения картодром Лемар Ростов Азов юбилей

Добавлена: 31.03.2017   

The southern chamber of the real estate cooperates with realtors of the region

In the city of Taganrog on March 28 the current year the exit meeting of "The southern chamber of the real estate", the Taganrog Guild of Realtors and Chamber of Commerce and Industry has taken place. At an action there were the Chairman of the board of YuPN Alexey Maralin, elekt-Predsedatel Alexander Konochkin, heads of the realtor companies of Taganrog and members of TGR.

ЮПН Таганрог ТГР ЕМЛС собрание риэлторов риэлтор Сбербанк ВТБ Банк Москвы,

Добавлена: 08.02.2017   

In 1996 the Moscow association of realtors, and on February 8 – the National congress of RGR decided to celebrate this holiday third Saturday of December. It is possible to consider that our professional community was lucky: we can celebrate our holiday two times a year.

день риэлтора праздник февраль недвижимость риэлтор маралин

Добавлена: 31.12.2016   

Company Maralin Ru congratulates you on New 2017 and Christmas!

I want to congratulate you with coming 2017 and Christmas! I wish stability, successful transactions, implementation of new plans and the ideas. Let the coming year will bring the mass of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, and work will be only in joy.

Новый год 2017 Марали Ру праздник риэлтор Ростов

Добавлена: 23.12.2016   

What changed in two years with the market of lease of a commercial real estate in Rostov-on-Don

During the period from September, 2014 to September, 2016 some changes in price policy of owners of non-residential premises in a segment of offers on lease were observed. More than 70% of owners built the cost and indexation proceeding from general logic of the population, including the panic moods connected with sharp changes of the currency rate.

Садовая недвижимость аренда 2016 Буденновский РГР ЮПН,

Добавлена: 15.12.2016   

The report for 2016 of work as the Chairman of the board of the Southern chamber of the real estate

In December by tradition it is accepted to sum up the results of year in various fields of activity, including, and in the real estate market. I am year the chairman of the board of the Southern chamber of the real estate and I want to tell that for this period we together with you perfectly worked.

ЮПН собрание 2016 Маралин ВТБ Банк Москвы Сбербанк Конгресс РГР ЛНР Гусев ЕМЛС Согласие

Добавлена: 28.11.2016   

How to save up to 1 000 000 rubles upon purchase of the apartment in 2016?

Despite crisis and developments of stagnation in the sphere of economy, 2016 was rather fruitful for the real estate market. The main role in this process was played by the state support of the construction market in the field of subsidizing of a mortgage on purchase of new buildings. Interest rates decreased more than by 4%.

кризис экономика ЮПН 2016 господдержка застройщик,

Добавлена: 20.11.2016   

Whether it is worth buying the luxury real estate now?

The real estate market was subject to changes at all times, and the market of Rostov-on-Don not an exception, housing is a reliable investee. Purchase of the house or apartment – the excellent option allowing not only to keep money, but also to increase savings.

Спрос недвижимость элитные квартиры Ростов-на-Дону 2016 кризис доллар евро

Добавлена: 27.10.2016   

The agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru works not the first year at the real estate market of the Rostov region. In the company experienced realtors, specialists of the case work that allows to solve objectives most successfully.

Маралин Ру Панина риэлтор специалист Толстихина недвижимость команда

Добавлена: 03.10.2016   

Maralin Ru has started a mobile application for devices on Android

Development of technologies doesn't stand still, and the agency of the elite real estate Maralin Ru continues to take active part in it. The devices with the iOS and Android operating systems having huge functionality become more popular.

мобильное приложение Android Iphone поиск уведомление телефон Жилые комплексы

Добавлена: 23.09.2016   

Law on the Single Federal Registration Service of the real estate will come on January 1, 2017

Since January 1, 2017 the legislation providing creation of the Unified register of the real estate will begin to work. It will include information which is included into the register of the rights and the inventory now.

законодательство росреестр Ростов 2016 кадастровый учет документы,

Добавлена: 26.08.2016   

Notaries will insure professional responsibility

In the current year in the Russian Federation one more level appeared: The federal notarial chamber created a compensation fund. It is used if the transaction will be huge and the first three levels will be insufficiency for compensation of damage in case of an assumption of mistakes.

нотариус 2016 страховка 2018 недвижимость сделка риэлтор

Добавлена: 19.07.2016   

Employees Maralin Ru have passed certification for the RGR uniform standards

Certification is necessary part of system of voluntary certification of activities of realtors. Any customer wishes to receive high-quality realtor service, respectively, the specialist of agency shall have knowledge necessary for this purpose.

аттестация РГР ЮПН 2016 сертификат брокер агент риэлтор Маралин Ру услуга

Добавлена: 15.07.2016   

Improvements for a mobile application Maralin Ru are made

The agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru continues to be enhanced and develop use of new technologies in the activities. For convenience of clients in work the mobile application available to owners of iPhone has been started on June 7, 2016.

Добавлена: 24.06.2016   

Drafts of the laws exempting from liability for unauthorized re-planning are developed

Legislators have developed drafts of laws which actually suggest to exempt from liability self-willed reschedulers in cases if re-planning does not represent what threat. Changes exempt from liability for the unauthorized reorganization executed till March 1, 2005.

перепланировка закон 2016 жилищный кодекс недвижимость Ростов,

Добавлена: 19.06.2016   

Pluses and minuses of the exclusive contract....

Property sale can seem simple only at first sight. If you have decided to sell the apartment, it is necessary to consider a set of nuances. It is difficult to understand independently all questions of the transaction

Эксклюзив договор риэлтор 2016 продавец агентство Ростов

Добавлена: 14.06.2016   

Maralin Ru has taken part in Yekaterinburg on the XX Congress on real estate

In the capital of the Urals the XX National Congress of real estate was carried out on June 10-13. It is one of the major and the Realtors of events who are annually carried out by the Russian Guild in the Russian real estate market has taken place in the international hotel Hayat Ridzhensi.

Конгресс недвижимость РГР Екатеринбург риэлтор 2016 США Испания Россия

Добавлена: 01.06.2016   

Maralin Ru have participated in a competition on the best children's smile

From April 15 to May 11 agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru together with the Notebook of Rostov portal held fascinating event under the name "The Most Wonderful Smile of the Child", devoted to Children's Day. Children aged from one month till 12 years participated in action.

Конкурс Блокнот дети улыбка Александр Поляков ЮПН Ваш Выбор+ победа

Добавлена: 16.05.2016   

To owners and violators about plagiarism of photos

Illegal use of photographic materials – it would be desirable to discuss this important subject today. There were times when at us in the country nobody knew about copyright and now many don't trouble themselves creation of own masterpieces, borrowing pictures from a network.

плагиат фото копирайт суд,

Добавлена: 20.03.2016   

Maralin Ru has taken part in round tables of the UPN and Sberbank

In Rostov-on-Don on March 18 in the main office of PJSC Sberbank round tables on which the topical issues concerning the market of real estate were discussed have taken place. Maralin Ru hasn't missed an opportunity to take part in this action and I have won a victory in the Realtor Duel-2016 tournament.

поединки Сбербанк МаралинРу ЮПН 2016 Круц Ракитин риэлтор Бутенко СРО

Добавлена: 10.03.2016   

On March 18 there will pass round tables of NP UPN and Sberbank

The Southern Chamber of Real Estate non-profit partnership and PAO Sberbank will meet on March 18 in Rostov-on-Don at a round table for summing up cooperation with members of UPN. Action which number of participants will make about 500 people among them heads of the realtor companies, representatives of PAO Sberbank, lawyers and the notary of the Rostov notarial district, will take place in the Conference room of the main office of "Sberbank" of Rostov-on-Don, on Evdokimov St.

ЮПН Сбербанк недвижимость нотариус ипотека риэлторские поединки партнер

Добавлена: 09.03.2016   

Interview of the Innovation of the market of real estate Sberbank of Sochi

On February 12-15, 2016 in Sochi there has taken place the III annual branch conference of the Innovation of the market of real estate organized PJSC Sberbank.

Форум Сочи Сбербанк недвижимость МаралинТВ риэлтор партнер застройщик

Добавлена: 07.03.2016   

Maralin Ru congratulates all women on a spring holiday on March 8

In the sphere of real estate many women, clever, beautiful and charming, and also successful in professional activity work. They can easily analyse a situation in the market, competently organize work of realtors or a meeting with partners, support of the transaction of purchase and sale or property rental.

8 марта МаралинРу недвижимость праздник риэлтор весна

Добавлена: 02.03.2016   

UPN has taken part in celebration of Birthday of SK Development South

UPN has attended the festive event in Krasnodar devoted to celebration of Birthday of SK "Development South"

ЮПН Краснодар Девелопмент-Юг застройщик риэлтор банки

Добавлена: 28.02.2016   

Southern chamber of real estate: scheduled meeting of Council

On February 26 there has taken place the scheduled meeting of Council of Southern Chamber of Real Estate Non-profit Partnership. Participants have discussed a number of the major questions connected with activity of partnership in the region, including also cooperation with Sberbank.

ЮПН совет Сбербанк Блокнот девелопер застройщик ЕМЛС риэлтор

Добавлена: 25.02.2016   

The channel about real estate Maralin TV is started in work online

We are glad to report that online the channel about real estate Maralin TV began the work. Our team long worked on creation of a new information field, and now, cooperating with us, you will be able to take part in telecasts and to share with target audience the unique ideas interesting by thoughts and successful experience in the sphere of real estate.

Маралин ТВ недвижимость команда банки нотариусы застройщики передача дебаты телеканал,

Добавлена: 08.02.2016   

Congratulation with day of the realtor - our professional holiday!

The realtor - socially significant profession which allows much to acquire own cozy housing. Having addressed to the realtor, you get not only advice, but also the help in paperwork, and also legal safety of the transaction

риэлтор МаралинРу праздник ЮПН недвижимость услуга сервис

Добавлена: 07.01.2016   

The biggest Christmas calendar in Munich

In one place of Munich there is no such transport movement, as on Donnersberger Bridge. Here always rush hour reigns, streams of cars is unceasing "flow" on numerous lanes of the Average Ring, down the street Arnulfshtrasse.

недвижимость мюнхин мерседес риэлтор,

Добавлена: 31.12.2015   

Real estate of Rostov-on-Don: results of the expiring year

In December, by tradition, it is accepted to sum up the results of year in various fields of activity, including, and in the market of real estate. The expiring year can be characterized as rich in events, significant for this sphere. So, terms of free privatization are prolonged, changes are made to the tax law, and also cancellation of share construction is planned.

Добавлена: 29.12.2015   

The important laws in the sphere of real estate adopted in the expiring year

This year legislators actively worked on the adoption of several acts directly concerning the market of real estate. We will try to list the most important which had impact on all – on investors, developers, buyers and sellers

недвижимость законы долевое строительство Путин банки Застройщик Налог Инвестиции,

Добавлена: 19.12.2015   

Maralin Ru - the partner of competition of the children's drawing "Work of My Dream" together with "the Notebook of Rostov" held in Rostov-on-Don on December 18, 2015 competition of children's drawing under the name "Work of My Dream". Agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru together with colleagues I became the partner of this fascinating action. Of course, all children dream to become in the future someone: someone the astronaut who will fly round our planet

конкурс дети художник недвижимость Алекс Выбор+ Блокнот Работа МаралинРу

Добавлена: 10.12.2015   

In new year of the transaction with shares will notarially assure

Next year all transactions which are carried out with shares of limited liability companies will be required to be certified notarially. It, according to legislators, will allow to prevent the depriving of property which is carried out with use of false operations.

сделки недвижимость 2015 нотариус регистрация налоговая 2016 государство

Добавлена: 05.12.2015   

Maralin Ru participated in Vladimir Solovyov's seminar

On December 4 the master class known a TV and the radio host, the writer and the journalist Vladimir Solovyov on a subject "Rigid negotiations took place. Manipulations: attack and be protected". The organizer of a seminar - the BUSINESSLIFE company. This event held in Rostov-on-Don for the first time became, perhaps, the most large-scale.

Соловьев 2015 Владимир Соловьев Ростов-на-Дону МаралинРу Жесткие переговоры,

Добавлена: 25.11.2015   

As it is correct to do interior shooting of real estate

If you are interested in purchase of qualitative housing, the agency of elite real estate Maralin Ra is always ready to offer the object suitable you. Accepting real estate in work, we seek to approach a question of its presentation responsibly. Photographing is for this purpose used, the mini-rollers.

интерьер съемка фото недвижимость Кузнецова 2015,

Добавлена: 13.11.2015   

Alexey Maralin - the chairman of the board of NP "Southern Chamber of Real Estate"

The Southern Chamber of Real Estate non-profit partnership is created 12 years ago, and initially was called as "The southern guild of realtors and appraisers". For this, quite long period of work a lot of things were made.

южная палата недвижимость МаралинРу риэлтор брокер профессия обучение сертификация

Добавлена: 11.11.2015   

On January 1, 2016 the changes concerning taxes from property sale will enter

It will be a question of the changes made to the tax law still a year ago. They concerned article 271.1 edition of Federal Law of November 29, 2014 No. 382-FZ.

налог недвижимость 2015 риэлтор доход закон 2016 кадастровая стоимость застройщики

Добавлена: 23.10.2015   

Maralin Ru – the official partner of Sberbank of Russia

In the next plans purchase of the elite apartment or comfortable country housing? It is possible to realize them in short terms with agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru which in the current year became the official partner of "Sberbank".

Сбербанк партнер ипотека кредит 2015 МаралинРу,сотрудничество

Добавлена: 18.10.2015   

Pareto's rule in real estate. Invisible laws of the market.

Vilfredo Pareto in 1897, the economist and the sociologist formulated one of laws most known now which says: 80% of result are reached 20% of efforts

Парето недвижимость 2015 МаралинРу риэлтор стоимость цена,

Добавлена: 03.10.2015   

Won against Maralin Ra the nomination "The Best Internet Site of Real Estate Agency"

In the northern capital the All-Russian housing Congress – one of the major in the domestic market of real estate was carried out from September 30 to October 2. It already the tenth action, and for tradition arrived to it about 1500 participants

Конгресс Санкт Петербург форум CREDO ипотека интернет,

Добавлена: 27.07.2015   

The next changes in housing market: cancellation of share construction

The market of residential real estate is expected by the next changes - cancellation of share construction is planned. It will allow to lower number of the deceived participants of this procedure, and the housing will become more expensive.

2015 продавец новостройки застройщик банк Сбербанк ВТБ 24 квартиры Маралин Ру дольщики

Добавлена: 15.07.2015   

Beginning of cooperation with the site

The program of cooperation of our site with the site about real estate of started with recent time.

сотрудничество реклама база партнер недвижимость выгрузка

Добавлена: 17.06.2015   

To demolish a real estate object, it is necessary to get permission

Destruction of object is the termination of its existence in an initial look, and, this process is irreversible. For comparison we will give the following example: at the fire or a flood the house is partially destroyed, its properties changed, but it isn

РФ разрешение снос разрешение собственник кадастр недвижимость объект

Добавлена: 12.05.2015   

Successfully to sell the apartment in the secondary market in the current year, according to the head of agency of elite real estate Alexey Maralin, every fifth seller will be able.

2015 продавец квартиры кризис Маралин Ру скидка

Добавлена: 06.05.2015   

In 2016 understating of the price of the sold real estate will become irrelevant

In recent years among sellers of real estate popularly to specify cut price of the transaction in contracts of purchase and sale.

Сделка 2015 налог 2016 кадастр недвижимость НДФЛ вычет процент Путин лицензия

Добавлена: 03.05.2015   

What commission is received by realtors of the different countries

Ways of calculation of the commissions of realtors differ depending on the country. The sum can depend as on type of object and its price, and on the rules established by a certain company.

риэлтор комиссия продавец покупатель процент вознаграждение агент сделка недвижимость,

Добавлена: 03.03.2015   

The State Duma approved bills of "country amnesty" and privatization extension

At the end of February the State Duma decided to consider two bills: about extension till March 1 of the next year of free privatization and till March 1, 2018 – "country amnesty".

дачная амнистия приватизация госдума 2015 законопрект ЖКХ недвижимость,

Добавлена: 08.02.2015   

Day of the realtor! Our professional holiday

Dear colleagues! I want to congratulate sincerely you on a professional holiday - Day of the Realtor!

День риэлтора 2015 недвижимость ЮПН Ростов Маралин Ру Риэлтор

Добавлена: 25.01.2015   

Next crisis: whether real estate prices will go down?

Due to the next economic crisis as a result of which the income of the population decreased, construction volumes increased, and the mortgage became almost inaccessible to many, it is worth expecting gradual depreciation of square meter for 10%.

недвижимость Ростов 2015 кризис рубль Центробанк евро кредит застройщики цены доллар

Добавлена: 27.12.2014   

How to buy commercial real estate in 2015?

We became witnesses of a number of serious events in the country and in the world, the relations between the countries, policy, polarity and priorities changed, eventually the dollar and euro too changed. All this was reflected in microeconomic processes

коммерческая недвижимость 2014 доллар евро 2015 цены кризис Ростов Маралин Ру

Добавлена: 23.12.2014   

Market of elite real estate of Rostov-on-Don: we sum up the results

Traditionally December is considered summing up time in various fields of activity, and the market of real estate of Rostov-on-Don not an exception. What was the leaving 2014?

недвижимость Новый год 2014 Ростов-на-Дону кризис,

Добавлена: 03.12.2014   

The law, on payment of the personal income tax from realization of real estate is signed

On November 30 the Russian President signed the law on the basis of which the income from realization of the real estate which was in property more than 5 years, but not the 3rd as it was earlier will be exempted from payment of the personal income tax.

закон недвижимость НДФЛ 2014,

Добавлена: 16.11.2014   

The list of the inhabited objects of Rostov-on-Don built with violation

In Rostov-on-Don the commission on identification and suppression of unauthorized construction made the list of the objects built with violation of legislative norms.

дома нарушение законодательство Ростов-на-Дону 2014 закон финансы

Добавлена: 02.11.2014   

To residents of Rostov reduced terms of registration of real estate till 1st day

The Russian government developed the bill providing reduction of the terms provided on registration of the right for real estate. In case of adoption of this law, notaries, insurance companies and banks will independently request necessary data

недвижимость Ростов 2014 сроки регистрация ФРС кадастр ЕГРП Росреестр

Добавлена: 17.10.2014   

Gusev A. V. seminar. How to increase number of transactions twice

On October 16 in Rostov on Don the seminar training under the name "How to Increase Number of Transactions Twice" took place. The staff of agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, together with colleagues from real estate agencies of the city, didn't m

Гусев семинар тренинг 2014 недвижимость агент риэлтор,

Добавлена: 19.09.2014   

Life without the Internet: what will be with the market of real estate?

As already many guessed, it will be a question of the news which have appeared in mass media about possible shutdown in Russia of "world wide web".

интернет 2014 рынок недвижимость девелопер,

Добавлена: 10.09.2014   

The new section - rent of commercial real estate

Today the commercial real estate of Rostov-on-Don is in demand thanks to active development not only industrial facilities, but also various business of structures. Rent of offices and the floor spaces located in business centers of business part of the c

аренда коммерческая недвижимость 2014 Бутенко офис магазин склад застройщики

Добавлена: 26.08.2014   

The Russian government suggests to simplify transactions with real estate

Recently in Russia there is an active improvement of system of public administration. One of priority tasks of the Russian government today is improvement of quality of the state services and their availability.

регистрация 2014 сделки Путин законопроект недвижимость документооборот,

Добавлена: 06.07.2014   

Features of acquisition of the land plots for nonresidents of the Russian Federation

Purchase of any real estate, and the land plot including, in general process rather difficult and demanding professional knowledge and experience and if the nonresident of the Russian Federation wants to get the land plot or premises in property, everythi

ростов нерезидент 2014 участки паспорт виза кодекс нерезидент Россия РФ иностранец закон,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Right choice of the elite apartment

Today the question of a choice of elite housing becomes actual for many people. After all it is correct to choose the apartment of an appropriate level rather difficult because of a large number of offers on sale. It should be taken into account in more d

элитные квартиры недвижимость 2013,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Luxury apartments from the point of view of investments

The real estate market becomes recently more and more popular type of business. The investment of money in housing is rather profitable activity.

элитные квартиры 2013 недвижимость инвестиции Ростов покупка

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

What elite house to buy

Recently many even more often reflect about acquisition of own house. In that case when the person cares of the status and looks for luxury in combination with a cosiness and style, the preference is given to elite houses.

Элитные дома недвижимость 2013 Ростов купить дом,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Investments into elite real estate of the city

Today to invest money in elite real estate of Rostov-on-Don it is considered very favorable business. There are some options of receiving profit.

аренда элитные дома инвестиции ростов элитные квартиры 2013 продажа,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Luxury housing – the house or the apartment

The high status of the person is usually supported with the corresponding situation and things. Expensive cars, hours, clothes and, certainly, elite housing

квартира жильё дом недвижимость коттедж недвижимость пригород

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Situation in the market of Luxury real estate of Rostov-on-Don

Вот и прошёл первый квартал 2013 года, поэтому пришла пора подвести итоги по рынку элитной недвижимости в Ростове-на-Дону за этот период.

элитная недвижимость квартиры дома аналитика 2013 доллар

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Maralin Ru during the holiday plant a tree 2013

100 years later after the basis date, lost in vague revolutionary times this holiday thanks to what joyful events for residents became one more was revived.

маралин древонасаждение ДГТУ недвижимость,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Whether there will be a rise in prices for elite real estate?

Here also end of the first half of the year that allows to sum up the results of the market of elite real estate for this period comes nearer. It should be noted that the beginning of year was quite unusual

недвижимость рост цен кризис аналитика стабильность предложения евро

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Purchase of the elite house in Rostov-on-Don: classics, art house or Provence?

Purchase of the elite house in Rostov-on-Don - the action demanding the serious relation, after all that only it is worth choosing suitable housing. Many spend months, trying to find independently the house in this or that style.

элитные дома маралин ру элитная недвижимость прованс классика 2013 минимализм

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

What happened to demand in the real estate market?

Today any more isn't news that prices of oil are exposed to adjustment in the smaller party, and in Russia economic recession, as well as that with approach of spring the RTS index surely reduced the positions is observed

спрос недвижимость 2013 ростов маралин ру золото нефть доллар евро инвестиции девелоперы,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

We increase quality of rendering realtor services

Each of us strives for perfection because this especially professional quality of people who graduated and chose the hobby. We as chose the hobby – work with real estate

риэлторы ЮПН РГР сертификация 2013 Маралин Ру vip риэлтор недвижимость Ростов,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Whether Technical data sheet for property right transition is necessary?

Without piece of paper – you are a small insect, and with a piece of paper – the person. Who from us didn't face this definition thanks to features of national legendary bureaucracy. There can be only that situation when with these pieces of paper everyth

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

The most expensive real estate in the world

It is natural that it is possible to make the list of global megalopolises in which real estate prices can be considered transcendental. As well as in each city, in this stone jungle there are titbits of real estate, good areas, qualitative an exclusive

недвижимость 2013 элитная недвижимость квартиры дома Англия Лондон Монте-Карло Монако Гонконг Москва Токио Япония Нью-Йорк Швейцария Женева Париж Эмираты Италия Рим

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Average salaries in Europe

About average salaries in Europe compose legends in Russia, but we will try to understand today that there is a truth, and that - lie. The average level of this salary depends on a level of development of the country

зарплаты Европа 2013 Маралин элитная недвижимость Австрия Швеция Греция Португалия Париж,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

VTB 24 and Maralin Ru signed the cooperation agreement

You dream to buy own elite apartment or a country house? With agency of elite real estate Maralin Ru, the partner who has become recently of VTB 24 bank, it is possible to embody your dreams easily in reality, and, in short terms

ВТБ24 Маралин Ру 2013 соглашение партнер,кредит ипотека ставка Ростов-на-Дону агентство

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Maralin Ru insured professional responsibility

Insurance of professional responsibility – procedure which allows to protect the property interests connected with possible compensation of harm to the third parties

Страхование 2013 Маралин Ру Ростов Альфа-страхование ЮПН ответственность

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Maralin Ru participated in seminar VTB 24

On November 11 in Rostov-on-Don in one of the largest Russian banks - VTB 24 with which our agency of luxury real estate concluded not so long ago the partner agreement, took place a seminar for realtors

ВТБ 24 Маралин Ру Ростов 2013 семинар сертификация ЮПН кредит ипотека ставка агентство партнер

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

In a year demand for apartments with ready finishing significantly grew

Recently apartments with already ready finishing are popular. Buyers, acquiring real estate, don't wish to spend the precious time for repair

2013 спрос Маралин Ру недвижимость дизайн элитные квартиры Ростов жилье

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

In 2014 the order of receiving a property deduction according to the personal income tax will change

With approach of new year changes of the Tax Code concerning receiving a property deduction according to the personal income tax will start working upon residential real estate purchase

2013 недвижимость вычет Маралин Ру налог 2014 кредит проценты,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

The company Maralin Ru congratulates all on New 2014

New 2014 comes nearer. Heartily I congratulate all realtors and clients of our company on this magic holiday

Новы год 2013 Маралин Ру недвижимость дом семья 2014 риэлтор vip luxury

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Maralin Ru - the member of the Southern chamber of real estate

In 2014 we as continue to give together with members of non-profit partnership the Southern chamber of real estate to you help in carrying out the transaction in short terms with the minimum expenses

Маралин Ру 2014 ЮПН услуги недвижимость риэлтор комиссия,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Day of the realtor - our professional holiday

The agency of luxury real estate Maralin Ru congratulates you with noted by already developed tradition on February 8 a remarkable holiday – Day of the realtor

День риэлтора Маралин Ру недвижимость 2014 Ростов-на-Дону праздник поздравление риэлтор

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

Maralin Ru will take part in the National Congress in Sochi

In the summer of this year in the city of Sochi the XVIII National Congress on real estate – a significant professional forum is planned.

Маралин Ру Сочи конгресс ЮПН риэлторы Sochi Pullman 2014 Лето,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

The new section - Rent of elite real estate

Rent – one of the emerging markets of our city. Here are demanded all and any objects: small forms, housing in new buildings and inexpensive apartments

аренда 2014 vip апартаменты Маралин Ру договор недвижимость квартира,

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

The English version of a site Maralin Ru is started

Today objects of elite real estate prefer to consider the increasing number of buyers. Such possession is considered quite normal desire for any modern person. To possess incredibly comfortable housing where everything is arranged on the most modern techn

Маралин Ру риэлторы 2014 english сайт недвижимость сделка оформление Ростов

Добавлена: 04.07.2014   

I passed the XVIII National Congress on real estate in Sochi

From June 12 to June 14 in Sochi the XVIII National Congress on real estate which brought together leading players of the market of real estate from Russia, the neighboring countries and Europe, and also the largest banks, prominent businessmen and politi

Конгресс Сочи МаралинРу ЮПН РГР Pullman недвижимость,